IAMWARFACE – Single Review: “Fear the Future”

British electro-rock band IAMWARFACE can do no wrong when it comes to making music as far as I’m concerned. Based in Brighton and London, their aggressive name is a fitting metaphor for their bombastic high-energy, groove-based sound, and they rank high among my favorite UK bands. In addition to founder and frontman Matt Warneford, the band members include Lou Matthews (guitars), Tom Howe (DJ synth), Mike Smith (bass) and Adam Stanley (drums).

Photo by Caitlin Stokes

I first featured them on this blog in 2016 when they released their face-melting debut single “Say My Name”, then again in July 2018 with the release of the magnificent “Closer“. I loved both tracks so much that they peaked at #1 on my Weekly Top 30, and “Say My Name” placed at #14 on my Top 100 Songs of 2016, and “Closer” at #8 on my Top 100 Songs of 2018. They now return with another incredible, hard-hitting single “Fear the Future“, providing further proof (as if any is needed) that these guys are phenomenal musicians.

The song launches with Adam’s smashing drumbeats, Tom’s grinding synths and Lou’s jagged riffs, all hallmarks of the band’s signature electrifying sound. As the track progresses, layers of sparkling industrial synths and jangly guitar are added to the mix while Mike lays down a pulsating bass line that drives the song forward. Matt has a powerful, resonant singing voice, and he raises adrenaline levels here with his arresting, passionate vocals that soar to the heavens in the chorus as the instrumentals reach a spine-tingling crescendo.

The biting lyrics seem to address the bullshit and fear-mongering being fed to the masses in a pernicious attempt to dumb-down and divide us, thereby allowing us to be controlled.

It’s all in the news 
The act is done
They’ve got us all and alone
Praise the lord
Cheat us all
Its televised
Another fear

Its all i hear
It gives me the creeps

I fear the Future
Wont you take me with ya
Aw come on come on now

High five
Where are we now
Cheap seats the end of the world
And free lies
The Bubblegum shit
Closes eyes dreams of England

IAMWARFACE have another massive hit on their hands with “Fear the Future”. While they may fear the future with regard to the current fucked-up sociopolitical state of things, they needn’t fear for their future as a band on an straight upward trajectory.

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LAZY QUEEN – Single Review: “Apocalipstick”

I’m back in Norway (having just featured the band Vöödöö) to now shine my spotlight on alternative rock band Lazy Queen. Three months ago I reviewed their brilliant single “Turn From Void,” and am now thrilled to present their provocative new single “Apocalipstick.” The genre and gender-bending band pushes boundaries with their identity and music, and is “for the disenfranchised, the outcasts, the queers, the allies, the feminists, for the pissed off, for the isolated and lonely, the weirdos and the freaks.” Their music is boisterous mix of noise rock, grunge and punk – the sonic equivalent of a car crash, as another writer so eloquently put it.

Lazy Queen was formed in 2013 by Henrik Søberg, who’s Norwegian with Colombian roots and gender fluid, while living in Brooklyn, New York. The band then consisted of Søberg and three American musicians, and they released four singles and the excellent EP Drift to critical praise from both national and international press. Søberg had hoped to settle in New York, but a bureaucratic snafu at the Norwegian embassy forced a return to Norway. Once back in Oslo, Søberg reformed Lazy Queen with Norwegian musicians Jonas Røyeng, Jon Bernhard Hunskaar, Peter Mortensen and Petter Anderdal.

Lazy Queen
Photographs by Anine Desire

“Apocalipstick” is the second single off their forthcoming EP A Sigh So Deep, and details Søberg’s experiences as an non-binary person. They explain: “Even through society is slowly becoming more aware of the challenges of trans and non-binary people there’s still a long way to go. ‘Apocalipstick’ is a nail polish painted middle finger to any and all transphobes and a big, bearded kiss from a pair of lipstick covered lips to all non-binary and trans folx who fight every day for the right to exist without the threat of murder, violence and discrimination all over the world.”

The song blasts through the gates, instantly slamming us against the wall with a thunderous assault of shredded and distorted guitars, crushing bass and speaker-blowing drums. Søberg fervently sings of both self-empowerment and anger over being negatively judged:

I wear my mother’s lipstick ’cause it makes me feel pretty!
I can’t talk to you cause it makes me feel shitty
Now you wonder, oh you wonder am I still you’re son?
Oh believe me, oh believe me no you’re not the only one

Oh I wear my girlfriend’s dress because it makes me feel fucking hot
Like I belong in this world and it’s never ever gonna stop
I feel like I, feel like I, feel like I’m floating
And your side-eyed stare doesn’t do me nothing

The relentless aural onslaught continues unabated, slashing the airwaves with jagged riffs of ear-splitting distortion and hammering percussion. Søberg ‘s screams can occasionally be heard amidst the cacophony, and despite the intensity of the music, it’s still incredibly melodic. They ultimately express their exasperation over the transphobia they’ve had to endure, defiantly shouting: “You make me feel fucking broken! You think it’s just a fad. I really don’t care. I really don’t!” The band unleashes all the sonic fury they can muster in the last 30 seconds as the track comes to an explosive and dramatic finish, leaving me spent. What a fucking fantastic song!

Take a listen and see if you don’t agree – and be sure to turn the volume all the way up!

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DYING HABIT – Single Review: “Unrealities”

I keep featuring bands and artists from the UK on this blog, but there are just so damn many good ones! Another promising band I’ve been following for a while is a four-piece from the town of Bangor in northwestern Wales who call themselves Dying Habit. They play a highly melodic style of alternative rock influenced by such bands as Dead Letter Circus, Katatonia, Biffy Clyro, Therapy?, The Wildhearts and Karnivool. The band is comprised of Nathan Jones (vocals), Alan Hart (guitar), Aled Hughes (bass) and Mark Jones (drums).

Dying Habit

Since forming in 2011, Dying Habit has been fine tuning their music style and songwriting, and performing in venues throughout Wales and northwest England. More recently, they’ve been recording songs for their forthcoming debut album Unrealities, and just released the fantastic lead single, also titled “Unrealities.” The band explained their inspiration for the song and it’s meaning: “We all have some kind of goal we aim for, be it a job, a passion or a style of life we really want. Hopes and dreams is what keeps us all going. Many of us do the shitty jobs we do to get us closer to whatever we want to achieve, whilst [others] are content with our jobs and feel content with who we are. Whatever the case, our ambitions are unrealities …an illusion in societies eyes. Our single “Unrealities” is about never giving up on your dreams, as unreal as they may seem. Unreal means failure and failure leads to success. Be true to yourself and never stray from the path your heart puts you on.”

Musically, the song is magnificent. It starts off with Hart’s haunting guitar note that expands into a somber riff, accompanied by Hughes’ humming bass and Mark Jones’ crisp percussion. At around the minute mark, the music explodes into a fusillade of wailing guitars and thunderous drums, before settling back down to the somber melodic riff that’s so arresting it bores right into your brain. Wow, it’s gorgeous and covers my body with chills! Nathan’s vocals, while not necessarily powerful, have a vulnerable, emotive quality that are perfectly suited to the music and lyrics. They’re especially moving and beautiful when they soar in the choruses. I love this song, and am so looking forward to their album.

The gripping, beautifully-filmed video shows a young woman struggling with her inner demons – her “unrealities.”

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“Unrealities” will be available for purchase on all music platforms on August 15

NO MIND STATE – EP Review: “Rubber & Glue”

No MInd State EP

No Mind State is a very charismatic alternative rock band from Oslo, Norway, and they’re thrilled to release their debut EP Rubber & Glue, which drops today. The EP features four brilliant tracks, including two I’ve previously reviewed on this blog: “Hold Me Back, I’m Leaving” and “Fodder of Galaxies.” The band plays high-energy melodic rock, bombarding our ears with thunderous riffs, heavy bass lines, and speaker-blowing percussion. Making all this great noise are Henrik Posèbo Sørebø (Guitar, lead vocals), Vetle Berthelsen (Lead Guitar), Vegard Tveito (Bass, backing vocals) and Christian Gathe (Drums).

No Mind State 4

The title track “Rubber & Glue” is a fantastic hard-driving rock song about deceit and betrayal: “And I know you lied, ’cause your pants are on fire.” Stabbing riffs of fuzzy guitars interplay with a throbbing bass line and thunderous drumbeats. I love Henrik’s charming Norwegian accent that shines through in his raw, impassioned vocals.

Hold Me Back, I’m Leaving” is an exciting track, and their very first single. Henrik and Vetle lay down energetic riffs of gritty guitars over Vegard’s driving bass line, while Christian forcefully pummels the beat on his drum kit. Henrik’s sultry vocals explode into aggressive wails as he sings the lyrics about knowing you should get out of a dysfunctional relationship, but not being able to escape.

Up In The Air” is a beautiful rock song, and perhaps the most melodic of the four tracks. The guitar work is exquisite, and the riff that begins in the bridge and continues through the song’s end is absolutely breathtaking.

The magnificent “Fodder of Galaxies” starts off with sounds transmitted by a space station, then a gradual building of synths accompanied by a jangly guitar riff, humming bass, thumping drums and crashing cymbals. The biting lyrics speak to the evils of capitalism and greed, and the damage it’s doing to society and our earth:

What have we done
We’ve reaped all that we’ve sown
Still we crave for more
Galaxy dust is what we’ll swallow next just to quench our lust
Kill it faster – Grow more after
Villainous grab it – Hold it, Suffrage – Boring
Give me more
How can you say, that your way’s any better?
How can you know that we’re not just the fodder of Galaxies in my mind

Rubber & Glue is a great little EP, and I love this band. They’re currently working on their first full-length album, and I’m eager to hear more great songs from these talented musicians.

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BLUE HELIX – Single & Video Review: “Anti-Social Butterfly”

Blue Helix is an outstanding alternative hard rock band I’ve been following on Twitter for a while, and I’m pleased to finally feature them on this blog. With roots in both Washington state and São Paulo, Brazil, they’re an international band based in the small city of Puyallup, which lies in the shadow of Mt. Rainier approximately 35 miles south of Seattle. Founded by front man, guitarist and lead vocalist Sami Chohfi in 2008, Blue Helix also includes Arman Birang on guitar, Brandon “Wolf” Gebhardt on bass, and Marco Bicca on drums.

Blue Helix

About their multi-cultural origins, Marco is from Brazil, and Sami – who is half Brazilian and lived there earlier in his life and continues to live there part of the year – drove from his home in Florida to Seattle in 2001 at the age of 18 with the purpose of forming a band. In an interview with the webzine Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine, Sami stated that his inspiration to become a musician came from “seeing a video on MTV from a band called Nirvana. It changed my life entirely. Music was all I had to heal me and shield me from my difficult childhood.” He’s also a big fan of the Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, and the late Chris Cornell, so relocating to Seattle made perfect sense. After moving to Washington, he eventually met Arman and Wolf, who already lived there. Interestingly, Blue Helix recently completed their first-ever tour of Brazil during the second half of March.

They released their debut EP Light the Wick in 2008, followed by a second EP Coda in 2011 and a full album Tale of Two Halves in 2014. In late 2017 they dropped their outstanding EP Anti-Social Butterfly, which addressed topical issues like overcoming self-doubt, feelings of powerlessness and fear resulting from bullying and abuse. Sami was bullied at school and at home, and wanted to write a song and create a video that would help give hope and empowerment to people who’ve suffered from any form of bullying. The powerful title track “Anti-Social Butterfly” is the result.

Anti social butterfly

Musically, the track at once bursts wide open to sounds of Marco’s pounding drums and wildly crashing cymbals. Arman’s razor-sharp riffs swirl and rip through the airwaves, anchored by Wolf’s heavy buzzing bass. Sami’s vocals are raw and impassioned as he snarls the biting lyrics denouncing those who put him down, stripping him of his dignity and self-worth, and rising up to throw off the emotional chains and become the person he was meant to be. His vocals lower to a seductive, almost sinister tone in the bridge, only to explode into visceral screams as guitars rage and Marco nearly beats his drums to the breaking point. It’s a hard-hitting track that leaves you spent by the end.

I carry weight as heavy as scars
I wear my pain like it’s art
If it’s time to let it all go
Maybe I can take a piece to hold

You don’t like the man I am
Like I ruined all your plans
He said “Son, it’s just a tiny phase or maybe time to revelate”

Anti-social Butterfly
Spread your wings and learn to lie
You take me for a broken man
But baby I’m your biggest fan

And I would sell my soul
There’s nothing left to save at all
They’ve taken everything
And If I could I’d wish it all away
I’d disassociate, drive them all insane
This has become my own type of hell

I just wanna feel something
I just wanna be someone else
I just wanna feel something now
You don’t like the man I am
Like I ruined all your plans
I’m an Anti-social Butterfly
And I am here to take what’s mine

The powerful video is a perfect embodiment of the song’s lyrics. Scenes of the band performing the song at a boxing ring – with Sami standing inside of it – are interwoven with an unfolding story of a young man being bullied in high school. He then decides to bulk up and train to be a boxer, ultimately defeating his worst tormentor in the ring at the end. It’s fantastic, and for someone like me who was also bullied as a child both at home and at school, incredibly satisfying.

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REBELLE – EP Review: “Hide”

Rebelle Album

Followers of my blog know I like featuring indie artists and bands, as I want to give them exposure and help them gain new fans. Another recent find is REBELLE, a wonderful band from Quebec, Canada who describe themselves as “Filthy with a beat, but really, really sweet.” Their melodic, aggressive sound immediately grabbed my attention and had me returning to their music again and again.

Based in Wakefield, a small town 20 minutes north of Ottawa, REBELLE consists of siblings David (guitar, lead vocals) and Rylee Taggart (synths, backing vocals), Ryan Wiles (bass, guitar, backing vocals), and Joey Kane (drums). In November 2017 they released their debut EP Hide, featuring three fantastic tracks.


The title track “Hide” opens with Rylee’s sharp, menacing synths, then a scratchy guitar riff takes over, backed by Ryan’s throbbing bass line and Joey’s pounding drums. The tempo is broken at intervals by a screeching guitar, followed by an assault of David’s shredded and distorted riffs in the chorus and outro. His vocal gymnastics are quite amazing, going from smoldering to falsetto as he snarls the lyrics warning someone who’s deceived him: “Hide your head in the sand and stay out of my sight I told you. You’re walking into trouble. Cause I’m a creature lurking in the night, I’m behind you. You better run and hide.

Shoot Me Down” really showcases the band’s skill at writing great melodies, as well as their strong musicianship. The guitar work on this track is stunning, and once again, David’s vocals are sublime. But it’s on the third track “The Rapture” that REBELLE really show us what they can do. Blistering riffs of gritty guitars, heavy bass and tumultuous percussion set the tone for the hard-hitting song. David defiantly challenges those stoking fear of  impending apocalypse: “They say today we better change our ways. Won’t make it through tomorrow. There ain’t no other fate. No no, hey hey, this ain’t gonna ruin my day.” The music explodes as David wails “So you call this the rapture!” There’s some tasty guitar noodling in the bridge, followed by a reprise of the scorching instrumentals. The sharp, otherworldly synths that opened “Hide” close out “The Rapture,” bringing this marvelous little EP full circle. Though it’s short, the three songs sure pack a punch. My only criticism is that I wish there were more of them!

They’ve just released a dark new video for “The Rapture,” containing footage from the 1924 German silent film Die Niebelungen: Siegfried. David told the webzine Soundfiction that “The Rapture is weird and ambiguous, but suggestive. Mildly post apocalyptic, yet medieval.” Have a look:

I love REBELLE’s music and hope they bless us with more songs very soon. To learn more about them, check out their Website

For those of you in far eastern Canada, you can see them play at the following shows:

Quebec, QC, Canada
Fri 10 PM UTC-04 · by Rebelle
Halifax, NS, Canada
Sat 9:30 PM UTC-04 · by Rebelle
Moncton, NB, Canada
Sun 8 PM UTC-04 · by Rebelle
Charlottetown, PE, Canada
Gatineau, QC, Canada

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NO MIND STATE – Single Review: “Fodder of Galaxies”

Fodder of Galaxies

No Mind State is an alternative rock band from Oslo, Norway, and they’ve just released a brilliant new single “Fodder of Galaxies.” The single follows up on their superb debut track “Hold Me Back, I’m Leaving,” which I reviewed last month. The band plays high-energy melodic rock, bombarding our ears with thunderous riffs, heavy bass lines, and speaker-blowing percussion. Making all this great noise are Henrik Posèbo Sørebø (Guitar, lead vocals), Vetle Berthelsen (Lead Guitar), Vegard Tveito (Bass, backing vocals) and Christian Gathe (Drums).

No Mind State 4

“Fodder of Galaxies” is awesome, and I like it even better than their previous single (which I really liked a lot). It starts off with sounds transmitted by a space station, then a gradual building of synths accompanied by a jangly guitar riff, humming bass, thumping drums and crashing cymbals. The instrumentals ramp up as the song progresses, Henrik’s raw vocals becoming more impassioned as the music intensifies. Vetle and Henrik shred their guitars, Vegard’s bass gets heavier and Christian pummels his drum kit with abandon. Halfway through, a brief but stunning guitar riff is introduced, and the music continues building to a crescendo, raising goosebumps on this old body of mine. It’s a magnificent track!

The biting lyrics speak to the evils of capitalism and greed, and the damage it’s doing to society and our earth:

What have we done
We’ve reaped all that we’ve sown
Still we crave for more
Galaxy dust is what we’ll swallow next just to quench our lust
Kill it faster – Grow more after
Villainous grab it – Hold it, Suffrage – Boring
Give me more
How can you say, that your way’s any better?
How can you know that we’re not just the fodder of Galaxies in my mind

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NO MIND STATE – Single Review: “Hold Me Back, I’m Leaving”

No Mind State 3

No Mind State is an alternative rock band from Oslo, Norway, and they’ve released their first single “Hold Me Back, I’m Leaving.” It’s an exciting track, and an auspicious debut for the band. Making the music are Henrik Posèbo Sørebø (Guitar, lead vocals), Vetle Berthelsen (Lead Guitar), Vegard Tveito (Bass, backing vocals) and Christian Gathe (Drums). From some of their photos, as well as posts on Instagram, the guys have a strong sense of humor, something I always find appealing in a band.

The song is hard-hitting, melodic rock at its finest. Henrik and Vetle lay down energetic riffs of gritty guitars over Vegard’s driving bass line, while Christian forcefully pounds out the beat with his thumping drums and a barrage of crashing cymbals. Henrik’s sultry, aggressive vocals are impassioned and raw as he sings the lyrics that speak to knowing you should get out of a dysfunctional relationship, but not being able to escape:

Hold me back, I’m leaving
Couldn’t shake off the feeling of being wrong, but that’s alright.
Drag me down, I’m breathing
Suffocation’s relieving, feels so right but I am wrong
Raise the bridge and shackle me then I’ll be here for you
Don’t dare to rest an eye, or you know the end is nigh
Lock the door and throw the key, then I’ll be here for you
Build a castle for the night, know its wrong but that’s alright

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EP Review: BILLY MOON – “That Which You Can’t Throw Away”

I recently discovered the Canadian singer/songwriter Billy Moon when I was contacted about reviewing his latest EP That Which You Can’t Throw Away, which dropped in September. Billy hails from Hamilton, Ontario, and plays a terrific and thoroughly engaging mix of alternative garage, post-grunge punk rock. As he states in his Facebook bio, “Stop listening to bad music, and listen to ShittyRocknRoll (the name of his pretty respectable 2013 debut EP). After an invitation like that, how can you possibly resist?

Hallmarks of Billy’s infectious music are his honest, straightforward lyrics, fine guitar work and beguiling vocals. His unique sound is influenced by such bands as JEFF the Brotherhood, Diarrhea Planet, Makeout Videotape, PS I Love You, Frank Zappa and Surfer Blood. That Which You Can’t Throw Away features five great tunes that address the ups and downs of love and youthful angst, while showcasing his creative songwriting and musicianship. Let’s dig into the songs.


The first track “Butterfly – Boyfriend’s Car” starts things off with Billy singing “I just want to cut the brakes on your boyfriend’s car. Listen to you cry as I hold you in my arms.” The buzzing bass riffs on this track are extremely good, as well as on “Long Drawled Out Story That Goes Nowhere – Sam + Alex” – a song about a couple who can’t decide whether or not they want to be together.

The wonderful track “Different Song (Same Girl)” speaks to the awkward, heart-tugging experience of meeting someone and immediately falling for them, hoping they feel the same about you. The song has a bit of a throwback doo-wop surfer vibe that conjures up images of a romantic summer evening by the beach. Billy’s heartfelt vocals perfectly convey his vulnerability: “Oh would you be so kind, as to tell me I’m fine. /I got a brand new leather jacket, that covers up all the holes in my shirt. Don’t be nasty. Say you like it.” His beautiful falsetto vocals in the chorus are sublime.

My favorite track on the EP is “Roads,” a tasty post-grunge tune with a catchy hook and languid beat. Our ears are treated to more of Billy’s awesome fuzzy guitars and compelling vocals. His falsetto and guitars in the chorus remind me a bit of Tame Impala (whose sound I adore). The lyrics address feelings of wasting time and not getting anywhere as the world passes you by. “Seems all the kids went out to Bangladesh. While I just stay at home and bang my head. Always in motion and always at rest. To sounds of people so alive some day. Somebody tell me what the fuck did I do with all my friends.” The imaginative video shows Billy sitting next to his little camper at night, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer as he sings the song. An animated video plays on an inset in front of the camper, almost like a big flat screen TV.

Ghosts” offers up more exceptional post-grunge sounds and powerful lyrics. “I am armed and I’m defenseless. Blind and naked in the dark. And all we do is try. We thrash around in the dark trying to find room. Trying to find walls. Something to hold on to./I think so much, but I’m not getting any smarter.” The guitar work in the final third of the song is brilliant.

All in all, That Which You Can’t Throw Away is a first-rate EP. Support Billy by following him on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his YouTube channel.  Stream his music on Spotify and Soundcloud, or purchase on Bandcamp .

EP Review: BRAVE YOU – “Six Songs EP”

Let me start off by saying that this review is long overdue, as I’m a huge fan of this talented indie band. I’ve been following Brave You for a while, and am now finally getting around to showcasing them on this blog. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Brave You is Alex Meylink (guitar, lead vocals), Noah Snyder (bass, backing vocals) and Erik Burtraw (drums, backing vocals).


The guys play alternative rock that’s highly melodic, but with an honest, post-grunge sensibility that gives them a distinctive style all their own. Outstanding, complex guitar riffs, Burtraw’s commanding drums, and their solid harmonizing vocals are the defining elements of their sound. And their skillful songwriting is clearly evident in their always compelling lyrics about life, love and relationship troubles. They released their terrific debut Six Songs EP earlier this year, and have been playing numerous venues in and around Milwaukee, which has helped build them a growing base of loyal fans.


The first two tracks on the EP, “Cavalier” and “Here, Here,” are great hard-driving songs with dazzling guitar work and strong percussion. Meylink lays down some scorching riffs over Snyder’s buzzing bass lines, while Burtraw’s thunderous drums and crashing cymbals ramp up the already high energy levels.  The opening riff on “Here, Here” is so good it gives me goosebumps with every listen.

The guys’ impressive musical talents are really showcased on the well-crafted track “Tiny Lives.”  The song’s structure and arrangement are first-rate, and the multi-textured guitar work is phenomenal. Meylink fervently sings about how our individual lives are rather insignificant in the overall scheme of things, but we can still make them meaningful in our own little corner of the world: “We can live our tiny lives. If we want to, if it matters to us. We can live out our tiny lives. We can make something.”  

“Suspended” has a bit of a Goo Goo Dolls vibe, as Meylink’s vocals remind me of John Rzeznik on this track. The big difference is the soaring background chorus which the guys excel at. The poignant lyrics address the singer’s admission of his shortcomings, and asking for forgiveness: “These are the most honest words I’ve ever said.  I don’t deserve you, don’t deserve you at all / I always thought I was a better man than all of this.

A standout track on the EP is the melancholy but beautiful “Vincent.” Once again, the guitars are sublime, and Meylink’s heartfelt vocals convey the feelings of despair and hopelessness expressed in the lyrics: “I want the sleep of the innocent. Wanna close my eyes / There ain’t no truth in this world when I don’t know my daughter’s name, when I don’t recognize her face.” Snyder explained to me that the song is about Meylink’s grandpa’s battle with Alzheimer’s.

The final track “North Avenue” offers up more great guitar, with riffs that go from delicately nimble to snarling. Meylink’s beguiling vocals smolder and soar with the changing intensity of the music, and the guys’ intertwining harmonies are marvelous as always.

To sum up, Six Songs EP is an excellent debut from a young band with a lot of promise. The guys are working on more songs and plan to release a full album in 2017, and I can’t wait to hear it. Follow Brave You on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to their YouTube  channel. Follow and stream their music on Soundcloud and Reverbnation, and their EP may be purchased on Bandcamp.