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I’m Jeff, a now old man based in Palm Springs, California, who’s just a wannabe DJ – of my own radio station! Not previously having an outlet to express my passion for music, one day a friend suggested that I create a music blog. After giving it a bit of thought, I decided to do just that in the summer of 2015.

I first became interested in music before I started kindergarten, when I listened to my much older brother’s rock’n’roll records and my parents’ Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Dean Martin records and musical & movie soundtracks. By my teens, I was obsessed with music and song lists and would listen to the various San Francisco Bay Area radio stations’ weekly Top 30 countdowns, as well as the legendary Kasey Kasem’s Weekly Top 40, and have been a music freak ever since. (Some friends would place the emphasis on “freak”). My music tastes are very eclectic – my favorites are classic and alternative rock, soul, R&B, funk, 80’s punk and new wave, dream pop and classical, but I also like hard rock, metal, death metal, grunge, folk rock, pop, EDM, synth-pop, Brit-pop, hip-hop, some rap, blues and light jazz.

Each week I post my Top 30 favorite songs, and occasionally post lists of favorite songs for a specific year or decade, or a particular theme of interest. I enjoy discovering and supporting indie artists and bands, so I write reviews of their music or articles about them to help promote them to a wider audience. Also, I occasionally share interesting articles or commentaries written by others about the music industry, as well as music videos I really like.

I hope readers will enjoy my posts, and comments are always welcome.

ARTISTS & BANDS: I’m often overwhelmed by requests for music reviews, which causes me increasingly frequent bouts of burnout and stress, therefore I no longer accept unsolicited submissions for music reviews.

61 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Great to find you and your blog, looks awesome!

    As eclectic as your taste is (and it certainly is!) I must say we’re spookily similar 🙂 my favourite genres are classic soul and motown, 80s electro, rap and hip & hop, indie and rock 🙂 and I don’t mind a bit of country now and again! Haha.

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      1. Roger

        Led Zeppelin II is of the best albums of all time by any band (feel free to reply on that). So why would anyone cover it, especially by a band that has a following as Train. It sounds like a Led Zep cover band covering a Led Zep song. You cannot improve upon it. They do a nice job of it, I guess I’m just lost as to why. I’d rather listen to the original. But I’m an old fart. Tell them to sing Drops of Jupiter instead.

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      2. I finally listened to more of Train’s Led Zeppelin covers, and I have to say Pat Monahan is pretty amazing in how much he sings like Robert Plant. Apparently, he always performs a Led Zeppelin song at all Train concerts. The nice thing is, they’re donating all proceeds from this album to Family House, which serves as a home away from home for families of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by providing physical comfort and emotional support, free from financial concerns.

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  2. Daniela

    Thank you for making this blog I really like your good taste of music and I appreciate the effort that you put in this blog:)), you would be an amazing soundtrack composer:)

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  3. Your passion for music is second to none. Glad I found your wonderful blog. Music is something I am beginning to focus on more own my blog. For a long time I hesitated to write about it, until a friend convinced me otherwise. My taste is eclectic (no pun intended) too, but I am an alternative rocker at heart!

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    1. Hi. I’m sad you are not taking submissions as I’m just releasing an album that is a mashup of many of your fave styles: alt-rock/funk/punk/folk rock/pop/blues/rap. With a uniquely sad story to go with it…
      Are you getting way too many submissions? I hear you feel under-appreciated. That sucks. I dig your style and musical tastes. We appreciate you and all you do!!! 😀

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  4. Holly Nicole Combs

    Hi Jeff,
    I too am a middle aged person, but instead of writing blogs I write goofy songs outside of school teaching. I just wanted to say that I love your blog, and I appreciate you helping independent musicians. More importantly, I appreciate you for exposing people to different styles of music. Peace, Love, and Hope

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    1. Wow, Holly, you’ve made my day! Thank you so much for your very kinds words! They really mean a lot to me, as I work hard to write the best reviews I possibly can in order to give indie and struggling musicians exposure. Knowing that I’m reaching people like you makes what I do all the more worthwhile.

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  5. Hey Jeff’
    I always enjoy reading your insights and since our musical tastes run somewhat the same I love to check your reviewed band and songs. I occasionally use one or two for my reviews. If you ever what to submit a piece to AMP (myampmusic.co) feel free anytime. Keep up the great work

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  6. Leonardo Maniscalco

    Hey I see that you’ve said you’re no longer accepting submissions from artists (how do you find new music to write about if not through submissions?), but I also saw some people posting their music down here, so I figured I’d give it a go.

    My band the Ithaca Bottom Boys has been writing songs and playing together for 7 years (since we were in highschool) and we’ve just now released our first album. I’ve been reaching out to many bloggers, interviewers, etc. trying to get publicity and feedback on the album, but due the eclectic nature of our music it’s been really tricky finding any blogs where we fit in. So I searched eclectic music blog on google and found you! I really love your taste in music and appreciate your sensibilities as an interviewer, and I hope you will check out our music and let us know what you think!

    Its difficult for me to describe our sound in a concise way, and no one song fully gives a representation of it, but here’s a go: we have four singers and songwriters, do a lot of vocal harmonies, and the songs are very dynamic with many changing parts and moods. They are also highly textural, featuring five musicians (2 guitars, banjo, bass, and drums) each with unique yet congruous playing styles. It’s kind of folk and country meets rock and punk meets funk and soul, with splashes of other things thrown in, like hip-hop, jazz, psych, and prog. If you’re strapped for time I recommend briefly listening to each song and skipping around every 20 seconds or so to see if there is anything about it you like. Thanks!

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  7. Hi Jeff,

    As you’re a middle aged guy, maybe you like some middle-aged 80’s style indierock? In our mid 40’s we started a few months ago a new band called Morgendust (located in the Netherlands) and we focus on a 35+ audience. We just released our 2nd single Kind of Blues: https://youtu.be/7zttpJjWBZ8

    I read your taking any submissions anymore, but hey, if you don’t try? 😉

    Keep up the good work!


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  9. David Hart

    Hi Jeff — It’s David Hart from the Occasional Angels connecting with you again — you covered our releases back in 2017 A FOOL FOR LOVE and IT’S ONLY LOVE — I expanded the band from a trio into a 9-piece and we’ve recorded 6 albums. We will be touring in spring 2020 and releasing a ‘Best of the Occasional Angels’ CD to accompany the tour — here is an example of our most recent work — if you are interested I can send you other tracks as well — best wishes always — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMVUTp3CoFQ

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  10. hanspostcard

    Jeff- I am looking to do an ALBUM Draft- like they do in sports. Looking to find 10 to participate- have 10 rounds of the draft- so in the end 100 albums will be selected. Looking to find 9 others who are deep into music. I’d like to get it started say in July. Working on the rules- there won’t be many trying to keep it simple. Would you be interested in participating? Hans .

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      1. hanspostcard

        Got it… still working on details- any ideas shoot them over- one thing i have is- studio albums- not best of’s greatest hits or box sets. How do you feel about live albums? I wouldn’t take one but..

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  11. Hi. My indie days a bit behind me, but I really recommended Sweettooth by Xylaroo and also a recent Bond covers compilation (connected to the Wedding Present) called Not from where I’m standing. Just for your interest. Mind you, I’m a freak who blogs about the Beach Boys, so what do I know.

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    1. Hi Yona Marie. It’s just that a not insignificant percentage of artists represented by PR firms or labels either did not acknowledge me or my review, or did nothing to help promote it to their own fans and followers.


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  13. Hi Jeff,

    happy to see there are still guys like you, trancscending all music genres. I’m on the same mission with my own band MURMUR OF MONKS, mixing the worlds of classical, goth, electronic, dance, extreme metal, world and soundtrack music into my very own eclectic discography. Which probably scares people more than attracts them, haha. But that’s just how eclectic music lovers are, I guess. From Mozart to Morbid Angel, we judge music only by its quality, not by its genre!

    So keep up the great work, Jeff! And stay eclectic like Bowie (or any other eclectic artist for that matter). Peace and enjoy the music!!!

    Humwawa (Murmur Of Monks)

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