NO MIND STATE – Single Review: “Fodder of Galaxies”

Fodder of Galaxies

No Mind State is an alternative rock band from Oslo, Norway, and they’ve just released a brilliant new single “Fodder of Galaxies.” The single follows up on their superb debut track “Hold Me Back, I’m Leaving,” which I reviewed last month. The band plays high-energy melodic rock, bombarding our ears with thunderous riffs, heavy bass lines, and speaker-blowing percussion. Making all this great noise are Henrik Posèbo Sørebø (Guitar, lead vocals), Vetle Berthelsen (Lead Guitar), Vegard Tveito (Bass, backing vocals) and Christian Gathe (Drums).

No Mind State 4

“Fodder of Galaxies” is awesome, and I like it even better than their previous single (which I really liked a lot). It starts off with sounds transmitted by a space station, then a gradual building of synths accompanied by a jangly guitar riff, humming bass, thumping drums and crashing cymbals. The instrumentals ramp up as the song progresses, Henrik’s raw vocals becoming more impassioned as the music intensifies. Vetle and Henrik shred their guitars, Vegard’s bass gets heavier and Christian pummels his drum kit with abandon. Halfway through, a brief but stunning guitar riff is introduced, and the music continues building to a crescendo, raising goosebumps on this old body of mine. It’s a magnificent track!

The biting lyrics speak to the evils of capitalism and greed, and the damage it’s doing to society and our earth:

What have we done
We’ve reaped all that we’ve sown
Still we crave for more
Galaxy dust is what we’ll swallow next just to quench our lust
Kill it faster – Grow more after
Villainous grab it – Hold it, Suffrage – Boring
Give me more
How can you say, that your way’s any better?
How can you know that we’re not just the fodder of Galaxies in my mind

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