BEALBY POINT – Single Review: “America”

One of my favorite indie bands I’ve gotten to know over the past few years is Vancouver, British Columbia-based four-piece Bealby Point. Named after a local beachside vacation spot, they’re comprised of four childhood friends, Jack Armstrong (lead vocals), Clayton Dewar (lead guitar), Jordan Studer (bass), and Zack Yeager (drums). I love their buoyant, high-energy alternative/garage rock they cheekily call “music to fold laundry to“, which has earned them favorable comparisons to such bands as The Strokes. Their description of themselves as “approachable guys making cool music” is genuine, based on the mutual respect, camaraderie, and joy of spending time together that’s so evident in all their photos and little acoustic performance sessions they frequently post on TikTok and Instagram.

Beginning with the release of their debut single “I’m So Bummed Out Right Now” in February 2021 (which I featured in an installment of Fresh New Tracks, and has been streamed over half a million times on Spotify) the engaging four-piece continued dropping a series of excellent singles, including the brilliant “Talk To Me”, which I also reviewed and earned a spot on my Top 100 Songs of 2021 list. They released an EP Fridays in July 2022, and on May 10th, dropped their latest single “America“, a song they say is about falling in love, then falling out of love in tragedy. When I asked the band why they used “America” as the title and the subject of a romantic relationship, drummer Zack told me “The idea to personify America as a girl is tied to the idea of the American dream, [with] living a happy successful life basically culminated into a relationship. All of your hopes and dreams, ambitions and expectations, crushed by falling out of love.”

Like all their music, “America” was recorded and produced by Matt Di Pomponio, however, the song is a bit of a departure from their previous work, with a more serious, introspective vibe. I love how it opens with a gentle fuzz-coated riff, then launches right into the anthemic chorus. As always, the guys’ instrumentation and musicianship are outstanding, with Jack and Clay’s vibrant guitars accompanied by Jordan’s sturdy bassline and Zack’s spirited drums. I really like Jack’s warm, plaintive vocals as he sings of the joys of a new love in the opening chorus: “America, she loves me. I thought it couldn’t be I get down on my knees and scream America. Her shoulder rests on mine, I’ll be here for a lifetime“, then turn emotionally-wrought in the final chorus as he laments about how their love now lies in ruins: “America, I’m a human being. The faults that lie in fate that I don’t want to make. Fuck sakes America. Her shoulder rests on mine. Now let me drift away and wallow desperately again.”

“America” is yet another superb track by this talented and wonderful group of guys, and I remain a loyal fan!

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