EP Review: FICTION PEAKS – “Before the End/Jinx”

Fiction Peaks is a talented five-piece indie band from Dublin, Ireland. Their impressive sound is hard to pin down, but it incorporates elements of alternative rock, shoegaze, pop and electronica. I featured them on this blog in June 2016, which you can read here. The band members – all of whom are highly accomplished musicians – include Joey Doyle (Lead vocals, Guitar, Sampler), Cillian Kenny (Bass, Trumpet), Barry Lyons (Backing Vocals,Synth),  Joáo Francisco (Drums) and Brian Giles (Guitar, Loops). They just dropped a new two-track EP on March 13, in advance of a planned release of their first full-length album Citizen, set for April 21st.

Fiction Peaks

The first track “Before The End” is positively sublime. A lovely piano movement and warm synths create an ethereal soundscape, then strings and percussion are added along with acoustic and electric guitars, increasing the song’s power but not diminishing it’s dreamlike quality. The poignant lyrics are beautifully sung by Doyle, with his mesmerizing heartfelt vocals that contain a hint of Irish brogue. To me, the lyrics seem to speak of not giving up, and fighting for what is valuable or meaningful in life, whether it be a relationship or an important cause. “You could have walked, ran for the exits. A testament to strength is why we’re here. You have the words, you are the reason, the reason we stand tall in our finest hour. With nothing ventured, there is nothing gained.

Coinciding with the EP, Fiction Peaks also released a provocative and visually powerful video for “Before The End” that was directed by local artist Colm Giles (brother of band member Brian).  According to a write up featured on the website Nialler, which you can read here, Giles explained “My take on ‘Before The End’ was to make an artistic observation of the times we are living in. I did this by looking at elements of the Spanish Civil War – showing ordinary people fighting against fascism. With the current subtle rise of the far right, and populist politics, mistakes of the past can be repeated if we don’t all pay attention.” Have a look:

The second track “Jinx” couldn’t be more different, with a rapid, driving beat and heavier electric guitar, bass and drums that give it a harder rock sound. The guitar work on this track is outstanding.

These two tracks are further proof that Fiction Peaks is an amazing band that never fails to deliver, and I eagerly await the release of their full album.  Connect with them:

Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / Soundcloud

Their music may be purchased on Bandcamp.


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