Artist Spotlight – Fiction Peaks

I love alternative rock music and am always pleased to discover new artists who play it, especially when their music is really good. Such is the feeling I experienced when I stumbled across the Irish band Fiction Peaks.  They play melodic alt-rock/pop that runs the gamut from high-energy to achingly beautiful. Their music has a rich, lush sound achieved through the use of synthesizers and multiple instruments, including horns and strings. The five band members include Joey Doyle (lead vocals, guitar and sampler), Cillian Kenny (bass guitar & trumpet), Barry Lyons (backing vocals, synth), Joáo Francisco (drums) and Brian Giles (guitar).

Formed in 2013, Fiction Peaks got their start playing shows around their hometown of Dublin, gradually sharpening their sound and building a fan base. They released their self-titled debut EP Fiction Peaks in January 2015, featuring four stellar tracks. I’d like to include them all for this review, but have chosen two that showcase the band’s diverse sound. The first, “Dye Is Cast,” is a catchy, upbeat tune that charges out of the gate with shredded guitars and a driving beat. To my ears, the song has an Oasis vibe, and Doyle’s vocals even sound a bit like Liam Gallagher. Take a listen:

“Document Dissent” is beguiling, with gentle guitar and percussion, and poignant lyrics  beautifully sung by Doyle.  “Tonight all fears are on the outside looking in. The scrambled litany, a purchased forgery. You document dissent with all your hours spent.  A tale of disbelief, was reaching from beneath.” The song builds to a emotionally-charged crescendo that raises goosebumps. I love this gorgeous song!

They followed up with a “double A-side” single Spring’s In Bloom/All I Got in February 2016.  “All I Got” is another joyously upbeat song featuring great hooks and some pretty awesome guitar riffs, set to a pulse-pounding beat.

Their latest single “In For A Penny” dropped in May of 2016, providing further evidence of this band’s incredible talent. The beautiful opening guitar riffs, Doyle’s heartfelt vocals, and soaring orchestration at the end make this an exceptional song.

Show Fiction Peaks some love by following them on Facebook and Twitter, subscribing to their YouTube channel, and listening to more of their music on Soundcloud.

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