Top 30 Songs for March 28-April 3, 2021

  1. FIRE – Two Feet (1) 3rd week at #1
  2. HEAT WAVES – Glass Animals (3)
  3. 1ST TIME – Bakar (2)
  4. LEVITATING – Dua Lipa featuring DaBaby (5)
  5. THE BANDIT – Kings of Leon (6)
  6. SOFIA – Clairo (7)
  7. DRIVERS LICENSE – Olivia Rodrigo (4)
  8. SLEEP – The Frontier (9)
  9. ALL ABOUT YOU – The Knocks featuring Foster the People (10)
  10. LET DOWN – Michigander (12)
  11. MY EX’S BEST FRIEND – Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear (11)
  12. ESTELLA – Kenny Hoopla featuring Travis Barker (14)
  13. ENEMY MINE – Roadkeeper (15)
  14. WAITING ON A WAR – Foo Fighters (16)
  15. BREATHE – Ships Have Sailed (17)
  16. DIRTY – grandson (8)
  17. LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN – Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic (28)
  19. ALL MY FAVORITE SONGS – Weezer (22)
  20. ROSE HIPS – Dawning (23)
  21. TIME TRAVELER – Matt Jaffe (24)
  22. BEAUTIFUL DISGUISE – Melotika (25)
  23. I NEED YOU – Jon Batiste (26)
  24. NOT DEAD YET – Lord Huron (27)
  25. SHAME – Saboteurs (18)
  26. METRONOME – Polarizer (29)
  27. AT HOME IN THE DARK – Au Gres (30)
  28. COLD – Chris Stapleton (19)
  29. THE ADULTS ARE TALKING – The Strokes (20)
  30. THEREFORE I AM – Billie Eilish (21)

7 thoughts on “Top 30 Songs for March 28-April 3, 2021

  1. Surprised to see Foo Fighters are around. Billie Eilish..some vids I love, others I cannot watch. She is the epitome of the angsty white teen, but, wow, when I was her age I swear I was beating rocks together and here she is running her own image and doing well. I was indifferent to her until she got all her angsty followers to own the future and get out the vote.

    I liked Sofia. Know nothing about the artist..which can be said for most of the list. It was great to see a black kid doing rock. Not on your list but I am also glad to see more POC making inroads into Country. Eeeyeah I don’t like Country but whatever floats one’s boat.

    After the NYTimes posted vids of the grammy’s that featured largely WAP type music, (which I feel does not empower young women..gimme some Pink, or, Billie Eilish), it’s nice to see some female performers doing something else.

    Is this your compilation list? I used your list to go play some full numbers on youtube. Thanks!

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      1. We have very common music interests, my friend! You’re right with that – the fact that the likes of Cardi B can get such a platform like the Grammys to show off her music is slander.

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      2. That explains..I had this feeling it was a bit of a renaissance of 90’s alternative music. Your list brought me things I would find in the regular lists that pop up on youtube though. I look for blogs of place and people and am always happy to listen to what constitutes apt, fitting, good music to them.

        I was on an autistic gay, slightly emo, kids site, he had no likes or followers but he brought me to this ‘country’ group, Delta Rae. It is not all emo, they switch leads on different numbers. They are a good band with not enough followers for their abilities.

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