10 GAUGE – Single Review: “Hand You’re Dealt”

10 Gauge is a fairly new hard rock band from the UK, and they’ve just dropped their debut single “Hand You’re Dealt.” Making the music are Rob Jewson on lead vocals, TJ on lead guitar, Gareth Dearing on bass, Kieran Best on rhythm guitar, and Neil Felgate on drums.

The track starts off on a quiet note, with a gently strummed but ominous sounding guitar riff and a simple drumbeat. In a low, earnest voice, Jewson begins to sing about how quickly a man can change, and his life begin to unravel, under tough circumstances. At about 0.50 minute, the music bursts open with grimy riffs, heavy bass and thunderous percussion, as he wails the chorus: “I’ve made decisions with the cards I’m given. I had to play their game. If I’m going under, going under, then I go down in flames. My soul’s possessed by Satan, it’s hell. Won’t believe me when I say I’m tryin’ my best.”

The music calms back down for the second verse, and we hear some really fine subtle guitar work before everything ramps back up for the second chorus. Jewson’s vocals are outstanding, with a raw intensity that perfectly conveys the strong emotions expressed in the lyrics. “Hand You’re Dealt” is a great song, and a very impressive debut from 10 Gauge.

The excellent video shows the band performing the song interwoven with powerfully-moving scenes of a man suffering an emotional breakdown at his workplace.

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Stream their music:  Apple Music
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6 thoughts on “10 GAUGE – Single Review: “Hand You’re Dealt”

  1. When we asked for a review we couldn’t have hoped for a more professional insight into our music, this review is truly amazing and we are so so grateful to you for taking the time to write so eloquently about our debut song.
    Many many thanks

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