POCKET HEALER – Single Review: “Storm Weaver”

Pocket Healer

Pocket Healer is a progressive rock duo from Long Island, New York, featuring Ryan Patterson on bass and James Ferrara on drums. Both are also members of Long Island-based bands Ü Blue and Staleworth (who I reviewed on this blog in November 2016), and they decided to join forces to create music that’s a bit more technical and chaotic under the name Pocket Healer. They cite as influences such bands as Animals As Leaders, Royal Blood, Death From Above 1979, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Evan Brewer, among others. The guys have just released their debut single “Storm Weaver.”

The instrumental track is brief, but there’s a lot of powerful energy packed into those two and a half minutes. It begins with sounds of mysterious distant synths and Patterson’s plucky bass notes that sound like guitar. Suddenly, his bass explodes into furious riffs, backed by an onslaught of Ferrara’s pounding drums and wildly crashing cymbals. Halfway through, the music calms down to an almost jazzy vibe, with a return of those mysterious spacey synths, and Patterson’s intricate bass work is captivating. Then it all ramps back up with a cacophony of aggressive bass and drums that make for an exhilarating climactic finish. It’s fantastic, and an auspicious debut for these two talented musicians.

Connect with Pocket Healer:  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Stream “Storm Weaver” on Spotify and purchase on Bandcamp

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