THE TRIMS – Single Review: “The One I Want”

The Trims

San Jose, California-based indie post-punk band The Trims have been making great music since 2009, and were one of the first bands I featured on this blog, way back in October 2015 (you can check out that post here). They’ve released a fantastic new single “The One I Want,” which dropped August 30, and it’s one of their best songs yet. Featuring their signature high-energy, guitar-driven sound, the track is an exuberant expression of love.

“The One I Want” launches with a pummeling bass line, then layer upon layer of guitars are added as drummer Billy Brady pounds out a steady beat that literally forces the body to move. To say that the song is catchy is an understatement; its melody is outstanding and unforgettable, staying in my head long afterward. Gabe Maciel’s beautiful soaring vocals are packed with emotion as he sings about his steadfast devotion, even when it seems he no longer cares:

You say I never call or write you letters like I used to do before
Just know that even though my words have fallen short my love has only grown
You are the one I want to be the one who calls
You are the one I want to be the one who calls when everything goes wrong

“The One I Want” is a gorgeous song, and further proof that The Trims are as charismatic and strong as they’ve ever been.

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5 thoughts on “THE TRIMS – Single Review: “The One I Want”

    1. LOL this is actually a re-post of one I did last week. I’d mistakenly included an older band photo that showed a member who’s no longer with the band. Even though I corrected the photo on the actual post, any time the band tried to share it on their social media, the old photo showed up on the tweet or FB post. WordPress is weird that way.


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