Artist Spotlight – The Trims

The Trims are one of those bands you just can’t help but like, not only because they make awesomely good music, but also because of their dedication to their growing legion of fans. The self-described “post-punk alternative dance-rock” band hails from San Jose, CA, and was founded in 2009 by the charismatic singer/songwriter/guitarist Gabriel Maciel. The other band members include lead guitarist Bryan Aguirre, drummer Billy Brady, and Bass guitarist David Ovlite.

They’ve stated that their sound, which is characterized by infectious, rapid-fire melodies, incredible arrangements and Maciel’s strong, sultry vocals, is influenced by some of their favorite bands like The Killers, Interpol and The Doors. There’s a hint of A Flock of Seagulls there as well in a few of their songs. The Trims have a strong following in the San Francisco Bay Area, but are gaining nationwide popularity through their catalog of great, energetic music. The more I listen to them, the bigger fan I become.

The Trims have recorded an extensive number of songs over the past seven years, far too many to include here. I offer a sampling of a few of their best:

To learn more about The Trims and their awesome music, check out their website:

2 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight – The Trims

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