Song Review: MADE OF EYES – “Wishing Well”

Every now and then you hear a song for the first time and you’re instantly blown away by it’s magnificence. That’s the feeling I got when I heard the brilliant new single “Wishing Well” from UK alternative rock band Made of Eyes. Following up on their previous, equally fantastic single “Feel Alive,” “Wishing Well” dropped today, November 28, and it’s a gorgeous work of musical art. Lush, soaring synths combine with thunderous guitars, forceful drums and a buzzing bass line to create a powerful, stadium quality anthem.

Made of Eyes is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and consists of four guys whose first names all begin with ‘J’ – JR Campbell on Guitar/Lead Vocals, Jason Stewart on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Jay Jay McMeekin on Bass, and Jacob Kane on Drums. The guys have been a band only since July 2015, but already have a definitive, polished sound.


The track starts off with a dreamy synth melody, then blistering guitar riffs and hammering percussion take over. Jason, who’s lead vocalist on this single, passionately sings: “So throw me down the wishing well, and I hope you wish me well.” The song slows at the bridge with a brief but lovely guitar solo, then ramps back up for the finale with more soaring, thunderous riffs that bring goosebumps. With incredible emotion in his voice, Jason implores: “Why can’t you just be honest. It would save so much time.” This song is so good I had it on repeat more times than I can remember. Take a listen:

UPDATE: The band released their four-track Bonds early in 2017, which you can stream on Spotify or purchase on iTunes. You can also listen to their songs on Soundcloud.  Support them by following on  Twitter  and Facebook.

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