Single Review: BEN WRIGHT – “Starry Nights”

Ben Wright is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Manchester, UK (a city with a vibrant music scene, from which have come a few bands I’ve previously featured on this blog). In his bio, Ben states that he writes acoustic folk/pop music that’s influenced by blues, reggae and rock. He released a wonderful debut single “Starry Nights” in October, along with a beautifully-filmed video. He said he was inspired to write the song “whilst travelling and sleeping in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand.”

The poetic lyrics describe the simple beauty of a starry night in the rural countryside, unblemished by the artificiality or pretense of urban life. “Looking down from high above, they’re flickering til the day is born. No artificial beams can reach the sky. No piercing sounds will break the night. Starry nights relive your innocence. There’s no delusions and no hollow men.”

Musically, the song has a lovely melody, with a pleasing acoustic rhythm guitar riff overlying gentle percussion and bass.  Ben’s soothing vocals perfectly fit the music, conveying a tranquil sense that everything’s alright with the world – a feeling that’s sorely needed at the moment. The gorgeous video, which shows Ben walking and/or performing the song by a lake, nicely complements the track.

Support Ben by following him on Facebook. Ben also teaches guitar lessons on his YouTube channel, which you can check out here.  Stream the song on Spotify, and purchase on iTunes or Amazon.

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