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My blog is a music blog, and I’m basically a wannabe DJ. I love making music lists and sharing them in the hope others will enjoy reading them and, occasionally, agree with my music tastes. I also love supporting up and coming musicians and bands, so I write about them or review their songs and albums with the goal of exposing readers of my posts to these artists’ music and, hopefully, helping to build them a larger fan base.

Having said that, compared to many other bloggers I follow, my posts appear to seldom be read by any of my followers – both other bloggers and my “friends” who also follow my blog. Are my posts of little or no interest to you? Should I change my focus and try to write about stuff that’s more interesting or topical?

I welcome feedback.

17 thoughts on “Question for my followers

  1. Personally, I try not to make my posts too too long (usually not more than 500 words). I usually like to ask my readers questions so they become engaged with the post. I don’t do playlists too often. I prefer to just write about one song and a few facts. I enjoy introducing local music or underground stuff sometimes but not all the time. I like writing about music but I try to include posts about different subjects like current events, unique stuff in my city, movies, etc. It’s up to you of course since it’s your blog. I’m just letting you know what I like and what interests readers. The number one rule though is to be you!

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Lisa. At least you read this post and responded – lol. I don’t think my posts are too long, but a few album reviews can be lengthy. I’ve read a few reviews by some bloggers that go on and on – even reviews of one song! I get many requests by artists/bands to review their EPs and albums, so I’ve been doing a lot of those. I’d like to write more fun posts like my “Top 10 Bite Me Songs” but haven’t had time because of my backlog of reviews. On the one hand, I want my blog to be as professional as possible and relevant to the music industry, but it seems few other bloggers, as well as my friends who don’t really give a damn about music but followed me just to be supportive, are interested in reading my posts. I do need to occasionally post interesting little things about music, but not reviews. Thanks again for your feedback.

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      1. I guess I’ve built a reputation, and also have a growing Twitter following, and I’ve actually had bands refer me to other bands looking for reviews. Some of my reviews get a lot of views, especially if the band has a lot of fans or they heavily promote my review. I guess at the end of the day I shouldn’t worry whether other bloggers like my posts or not, if the bands and their fans like them. Also, I wrote the “Top 10 Bite Me” list several months ago. Check it out if you’re interested.

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  2. chuck jung

    Hey Jeff,

    For me I enjoy the weekly top 20. It keeps me abreast of todays music from a different perspective and I enjoy that. As far as the blogs on reviews, I really don’t have much interest in that. Where I love to look at art auction catalogs when they come up in an email and can spend a good 20 minutes looking at the pop art . But those only come maybe once every 3 months. If if got them every week I would loose interest very quickly and that is a real passion of mine.

    I think your reviews are very well written and artiulate as I have told you before. Looks like they came right out of a newspaper or magazine. You have a great talent that I do not think most people have. I think you love doing them so I would continue to do them. I know you spend endless hours every week working on them. But I think you will be disapointed and even hurt if expect people to have anywhere close to your love of music and take the time to comment.

    Just my thoughts Jeff, hope I did not hurt your feelings !

    Chuck Jung Remax Gold Cell: 314 330 2919

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  3. Well, you call yourself an “Eclectic Music Lover,” but your musical tastes still seem…limited? Homogenous? Less diverse than I expected?
    That’s just my not-so-humble opinion.

    The length of posts aren’t an issue for me – I read long posts, short posts, and those in-between, as long as the content is good.

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    1. Thanks for your comments. I realize a large percentage of my reviews have been of alternative rock bands, as that’s one of my favorite music genres. I’m making a bigger effort to go outside my comfort zone and write about other genres more often.

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      1. LOL – well, my musical philosophy is this:
        “There are two kinds of music: good and bad. There are no genres!”

        Limiting oneself musically is like only reading bodice-rippers and westerns and claiming to be “well-read.”

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  4. Jeff, I enjoy your reviews immensely. Your writing is exceptional. I might not enjoy the bands you write about all the time, but you do make me stop and give a listen which is something I wouldn’t have done otherwise. If I don’t like them, I move on and if I do I usually leave a little comment. Keep it up!! Most importantly…do what you enjoy and what moves you. Don’t worry about anybody else. My favorite posts that I have done don’t always generate much buzz and that is okay.

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  5. Tangled Up In Music

    I follow a lot of blogs so I really have to be selective with what I read, otherwise I’d be reading blogs all day. I gravitate towards articles about music that I already know or have heard of. You write about a lot of rather obscure and up-coming artists that I’ve never heard of, which don’t get me wrong is absolutely great, it’s just that I personally can’t always find the time. I go on a blog and I read the articles that most stand out to me at that moment – that’s why I prefer your top-20’s.

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  6. Roger

    Since I’m on your email list, I see all your posts and blogs there. I usually open and read them from that and not on your blog page. I don’ t know if that shows up on your viewership or not. Every band is not for everybody, so some blogs I enjoy more than others, but that is to be expected. Just continue to have fun with it, not take it too serious. Remember, it’s only rock and roll.

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    1. Thanks for your message Roger, and I appreciate you reading my stuff. The only way I know who reads my posts is if they click on “like” or post a comment, although I’m guessing only other WordPress bloggers are able to see or click on the “Like” button. I fully realize that not everyone is going to like every artist I write about. I just get so few comments that I have no way of knowing.


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