Song Review: (IAM) WARFACE – “Say My Name”

When I first heard the epic new single “Say My Name” from the UK alternative/electronic rock band (IAM)WARFACE, I was hit by an atomic blast of music greatness. The kind that instantly blows you away, leaving you speechless and covered with goosebumps. I LOVE THIS SONG!

The exhilarating track begins with a snarling guitar riff, then explodes into an inferno of speaker-blowing drums, big synth chords, bombastic bass and thunderous shredded guitars.  Band front man Matt Warneford practically shrieks the opening lyrics, backing himself up with distorted, soaring choruses. He then alternates those high-pitched vocals with smoother but urgent, impassioned phrasing.

The song is four and a half minutes long, yet seems over in an instant – always a sign of an incredible song.  Take a listen, and turn the volume all the way up!

(IAM)WARFACE started out as a solo act by Matt Warface, who wrote and performed all the music, but he realized he needed a back-up band to perform live.  Those band members are Louis Matthews (who plays a guitar/bass hybrid), Matt Whitehead (backing track coordinator and keyboards) and Alex Whibley (drums and percussion). The band name is a metaphor for their style of bombastic high-energy music, and their influences include Muse, Big Black Delta, Nero, Queens of the Stone Age, Tears For Fears, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Keys and MGMT.

Follow (IAM)WARFACE on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and subscribe to their YouTube channel. Their awesome music is available for purchase on itunes or streaming on Soundcloud or Spotify.

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