Artist Spotlight on Brett Vogel – “Never Giving Up”

Brett Vogel is a talented singer/songwriter from Illinois who now calls Los Angeles home.  His second album, Never Giving Up, is a collection of really lovely heartfelt songs about life and love, and not giving up on something or someone that’s really important.  In describing his passion for music, Brett has stated “Music is within every fiber of my being! I sincerely believe without music I’d be doomed. Music has kept me alive.  Music is love to me.  Music helps people heal. It’s what connects people, and for that I’m grateful!”

I feel the same way about music, so can totally identify with Brett’s feelings.

His music combines elements of pop, rock, country and folk into an infectious and pleasing style that delights the listener, not to mention the fact that Brett has a beautiful singing voice. His songs just make you feel happy!  Here are two of his songs I especially like.

2 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight on Brett Vogel – “Never Giving Up”

  1. Susan Bogatin

    Thanks, Jeff, for introducing us to these songs. I like them both, but prefer Never Giving Up. I like that they’re not so over-produced that you can actually hear the flaws in his signing. Makes them more real, to me.

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