Top 30 Songs for April 16-22, 2023

The beautiful “Tropic Morning News” by The National holds at #1 for a second week, with Sea Power‘s majestic “Transmitter” also remaining at #2. “New Gold” by the dream collaboration of Gorillaz, Tame Impala and Bootie Brown slides into 3rd place (Gorillaz & Brown performed the song at the Coachella Music Festival this past Friday night), while Depeche Mode‘s “Ghosts Again” assumes the #4 spot. British singer-songwriter Frank Joshua enters the top 10 with his sublime love song “Bluebell Wood”.

Three songs make their debut this week: Entering at #23 is the amazing “Eat Your Young” by Irish singer-songwriter Hozier. He states the song was inspired by Gluttony, one the 9 Circles of Hell contained in the first part of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem Divine Comedy, and describes a feast being prepared and served together with the chaos that comes with it. “Rescue Me” by Southern California reggae-ska rock band Dirty Heads enters at #29, and “leaving” by Michigan singer-songwriter Au Gres enters at #30.

  1. TROPIC MORNING NEWS – The National (1)
  2. TRANSMITTER – Sea Power (2)
  3. NEW GOLD – Gorillaz, Tame Impala & Bootie Brown (6)
  4. GHOSTS AGAIN – Depeche Mode (7)
  5. PEPPER – Death Cab for Cutie (4)
  6. FLOWERS – Miley Cyrus (8)
  7. LOVE FROM THE OTHER SIDE – Fall Out Boy (5)
  8. BACKPATTERS AND SHOOTERS – The Zangwills (3)
  9. SOFTEN – Alex Southey (10)
  10. BLUEBELL WOOD – Frank Joshua (12)
  11. TROUBLE WITH THIS BED – Beach Weather (9)
  12. THE WALK HOME – Young the Giant (14)
  13. I WANT YOU DEAD – Two Feet & Allie Cabal (15)
  14. KID – The Revivalists (16)
  15. PAID OFF – Oli Barton & the Movement (17)
  16. WOLF – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (18)
  17. PAGES – White Reaper (11)
  18. YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO – Darksoft (13)
  19. THE PERFECT PAIR – beabadoobee (22)
  20. NOT STRONG ENOUGH – boygenius (25)
  21. GO DOWN RIVER – The Heavy Heavy (26)
  22. DUMMY – Portugal. The Man (28)
  23. EAT YOUR YOUNG – Hozier (N)
  24. ESSENCE – Refeci & Shimmer Johnson (27)
  25. EYEZ – The Arcs (19)
  26. WEIGHTLESS – Arlo Parks (20)
  27. ANGELICA – Wet Leg (29)
  28. 1982 – Morgendust (30)
  29. RESCUE ME – Dirty Heads (N)
  30. LEAVING – Au Gres (N)

16 thoughts on “Top 30 Songs for April 16-22, 2023

      1. Just thought I would let you know that I listen to the whole playlist last night, and what a playlist it is! While I am familiar with a few of the 30, much of it was new to me and I loved it all! Thank you for the introduction to so much great music!

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  1. Kudos for your ongoing effort to compiling this weekly top 30 list! From your new entries, I like the Au Gres tune. BTW, when I searched Google for “Au Gres artist”, your February 2023 review of his single “Do You Think We’re Old Enough” came up as the fourth hit!

    The Frank Joshua song is nice as well.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ll continue compiling a weekly top 30 as long as there’s breath left in my body – and at least 30 decent songs to put on it! Thanks for letting me know that my Au Gres review came up so high in your search. My very first review of his debut single “Nervous” has had over 1,162 views!

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      1. It appears your blog is well search engine-optimzed!

        You also appeared on Google’s first page of hits when I searched for Morgendust. I did so in incognito mode, so I believe Google shouldn’t remember that I read your previous review.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yep, I would imagine. Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right! 🙂

        I also don’t pay for any SEO. In fact, I’m not even paying any WordPress fees at this time.

        I’ve been considering paying for my own domain, so my blog becomes ad-free. I imagine these ads may deter some folks from reading. I know ads annoy me a lot!

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  2. H.G.O

    I’ve never been a fan of The National (something in Aaron Dressner’s vocals doesn’t resonate with me), but the more I listen to “Tropic Morning News”, the more I like it. Thanks!

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