Top 30 Songs for October 9-15, 2022

Not a lot of big changes on my latest Weekly Top 30. The Killers remain on top for a third week with “boy”, and Death Cab for Cutie‘s “Here to Forever” holds at #2. It’s interesting that the top two artists have rather malevolent-sounding names, yet make such lovely music. Steve Lacy‘s “Bad Habit” inches up a notch to #3, and Beach Weather‘s “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” moves into 4th place. Spoon continue their rapid climb up my chart with “My Babe”, jumping five spots to #5, and indie pop duo Cafuné‘s “Tek It” inches up to #6. Granfalloon‘s wonderful “Please Write Responsibly” moves up two spots to #7, and The 1975 finally enter the top 10 with their cerebral “Part of the Band”. In contrast to last week’s jackpot of six new entries, only one song makes its debut this week, the beautiful “Weird Goodbyes” by The National featuring Bon Iver. Such a marvelous melding of two distinctive voices!

  1. BOY – The Killers (1)
  2. HERE TO FOREVER – Death Cab for Cutie (2)
  3. BAD HABIT – Steve Lacy (4)
  4. SEX, DRUGS, ETC. – Beach Weather (5)
  5. MY BABE – Spoon (10)
  6. TEK IT – Cafuné (7)
  7. PLEASE WRITE RESPONSIBLY – Granfalloon (9)
  8. SUPERMODEL – Måneskin (3)
  9. BONES – Imagine Dragons (6)
  10. PART OF THE BAND – The 1975 (11)
  11. CRACKER ISLAND – Gorillaz featuring Thundercat (14)
  13. FREE – Florence + the Machine (15)
  14. SOMETHING LOUD – Jimmy Eat World (17)
  15. UNTIL I FOUND YOU – Stephen Sanchez (12)
  16. PARTY4ONE – dwi (20)
  18. SISTERS – pMad (22)
  19. WET DREAM – Wet Leg (24)
  20. BITTER – Wild Horse (23)
  21. THESE ARE THE DAYS – Inhaler (25)
  22. THE ECHO – A.A. Williams (26)
  23. VIVA LAS VENGEANCE – Panic! At the Disco (13)
  24. SPIT OF YOU – Sam Fender (27)
  25. WHITE HORSES – Art Block (28)
  26. CREST OF THE WAVE – Foals (29)
  27. I LIKE YOU (A HAPPIER SONG) – Post Malone & Doja Cat (30)
  29. BREAK MY SOUL – Beyoncé (18)
  30. WEIRD GOODBYES – The National featuring Bon Iver (N)

4 thoughts on “Top 30 Songs for October 9-15, 2022

  1. I like the National tune featuring Bon Iver, which has a decent melody and good singing. Oftentimes, I just wish they hadn’t invented drum machines. There’s something about real drums, even if a human drummer isn’t as perfect at keeping a beat than a computer. In fact, I think small imperfections are part of what makes music real!

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    1. It’s interesting how each of us notices different things when hearing a song. The melody and vocals stood out to me most when I first heard the song, and I barely noticed the drum machine. But now that you’ve mentioned it, the drum machine really stands out.

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