Song of the Day Challenge – Day 13: COLD WAR KIDS – “Complainer”

Song A Day Challenge

Today’s Song of the Day Challenge theme is “A song that describes you”. Self-reflection can often be a difficult thing to do, but sadly, I have to go with the song “Complainer” by L.A. alt-rock band Cold War Kids. While some of the lyrics don’t exactly describe me or my personality, the title absolutely does. All my life, I’ve been a glass half-empty pessimist and malcontent. I bitch, whine or moan about at least one thing or another on a daily basis, driving those around me nuts for as long as I can remember. I wish it were otherwise, but it is what it is. On the plus side, three things that keep me from being a complete asshole are my inherent kindness, empathy and sense of humor.

Getting back to the music, I’m a big fan of Cold War Kids. My favorite songs from them are “First”, “Love is Mystical”, “So Tied Up” and “Miracle Mile”, and I also love their cover of Rihanna’s “Love On the Brain”.


6 thoughts on “Song of the Day Challenge – Day 13: COLD WAR KIDS – “Complainer”

  1. Chuck Jung

    That’s a tough one Jeff. I don’t know a lot about songs but one that would describe me the best would have to deal with “Worrying” or being a ” People Pleaser”. I never want to disappoint anyone, unless you piss me off! Then look out! You know me better than almost anyone, any suggestions?


  2. hanspostcard

    You have great self-awareness- seemingly knowing your pluses and minuses. I know someone who is the most negative/ pessimistic person I’ve ever come across. One day she comes into the library and said her doctor called her -exactly that and she says to me “I’m not like that at all” I had a hard time not laughing because I always try to avoid asking her how he day was -because she will go on for 15 minutes about what a downer it was.

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    1. Yes, at least I’m able to acknowledge some of my shortcomings. I’ve suffered from low-level depression much of my life, and it’s getting worse as I get older, as the ravages of time and aging continue their ugly advance. I’ve found that many people who complain a lot are generally unhappy, and unfortunately, I’ve never been truly happy for more than brief periods in my life.

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  3. So far, I only came across your kindness and empathy. I know that you suffer much like me, but let me tell you, I see you as and a gem of a man. Though, in the beginning, when we “met,” I thought you were British 🙂 You are a good egg. Come to me if you need a reminder of that. 🙂

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