LOW STANDARDS, HIGH FIVES – Single/Video Review: “Silent Decor”

I love when bands come up with offbeat or quirky names for themselves, and one of the better ones I’ve come across lately is Low Standards, High Fives, an alternative rock oufit from Turin, Italy. Formed in 2012, the band has continually evolved to shape their sound and musical direction. They expanded to a five-piece by 2016, and now consist of Ame Ray (guitar, lead vocals), Lore Frezza (bass, vocals), Luca Cravero (guitar), Endi Sassano (guitar, vocals) and Karl Lèmon (drums). Having three guitarists gives their music a heavier, fuller sound.

Low Standards High Fives

In January, the band released their hard rock single “Silent Decor,” which will be featured on their upcoming debut album Are We Doing The Best We Can? The album will be released through UK/US label Engineer Records on March 31st, and the band is making “Silent Decor” available as a free download via their Bandcamp page.

The band delivers aggressive riffs of grungy, jangly and shredded guitars and lots of crashing cymbals, anchored by a heavy bass line. Ray wails the lyrics about meaning nothing more to someone than just an ornament:  “So here’s what you need. A silent decor. Ornamental / What am I here for?” It’s a terrific rock track.

The unusual video shows a man thumbing through albums at a record store and choosing one titled “Silent the Kobras,” and in the next scene is shown holding the album over his head. The video segues to the band wearing wigs and performing the song at a club as the heavy metal band ‘Kobras.’ After the show, Ray gets out of their van to take a leak, and disappears without a trace. Nine months later, he’s shown lying naked in a field, then slowly gets up and stumbles off.

Connect with the band:  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Stream their music on Spotify / Apple Music / Soundcloud
Purchase their music on iTunes or you can download their previous EP’s for free on Bandcamp

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