LE POISSON – Single Review: “Crush/You”

Le Poisson

Today I have the pleasure of featuring my first ever band from Germany, a three-piece from Erlangen, Bavaria called Le Poisson.  They formed in 2012 and, like many bands, underwent some personnel changes over the years, but now have a solid lineup consisting of Louisa Stegmeyer on Vocals, Michael Le Noir on Guitar & Bass, and Antonis Kop on Drums. They play an eclectic style of progressive rock, with elements of hard rock, metal, and what they refer to as ‘vampire’ rock. Following up on their 2016 EP One in a Million, they just released a mesmerizing new single “Crush/You.”

The song opens with a beautiful guitar riff, immediately hooking us in with a captivating and rather haunting melody before Louisa’s lovely vocals enter the proceedings. With an earnest longing in her voice, she sings of the fervent passion we feel when falling for someone, but insecure and uncertain of their feelings for us. We search for a light that will reveal the truth:

There’s a light that shines on, shines on everyone
We hold on
We can reach an understanding
Dreams are ascending
Life is so demanding

Michael’s layered guitar work is really quite exquisite, going from a gentle riff to a more intense hard rock sound at the halfway point that conveys feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Louisa’s vocals become more impassioned along with the music, as does the intensity of the percussion. The instrumentals and vocals calm back down in the outro, leaving us with a sense of resolution. It’s a wonderful song.

Connect with Le Poisson: WebsiteFacebook / TwitterInstagram

Stream or purchase their music on Soundcloud / Bandcamp

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