MORNING FUZZ – Single Review: “Silent Sun”

Morning Fuzz is an outstanding alternative rock band from Brooklyn, New York that I had the pleasure of discovering when they reached out to me about their new single “Silent Sun.” Not only was I impressed with that song, I also really liked their previous recordings, and became an instant fan. As they state in their bio, their mission is ‘to stay true to the meaning of Rock and Roll [through] powerful songwriting, expansive vocal ranges and captivating guitar riffs that are authentic and pure.’ I think they accomplish that, and quite a bit more with their exciting, hard-hitting sound.

Morning Fuzz was formed in 2009 by singer/songwriter/guitarist Frank Fussa and his childhood friend, bassist Christopher Johanidesz, after the breakup of their previous band Ultra High Frequency (which put out a pretty decent album in 2006). The band released two critically acclaimed EPs (Morning Fuzz and Shadows in the Rearview), but were hampered by several changes in drummers. Eventually, the band would reunite with old friend and previous drummer Jesse Steffen. They also acquired a longtime friend, guitarist Michael Cullari, who completed the band’s powerful dual guitar sound. With their strong lineup in place, they released their excellent debut album Chasing Ghosts in 2013.

Morning Fuzz

In 2016, they released two singles: “Rain and Thunder” and “Invisible Man,” both of which are so good I’ve included their videos below. Be sure to check them out. Today – April 28 – the band drops a brand new single “Silent Sun.” The brilliant song was written by Fussa and the band, and produced, recorded and mixed by Lou Giordano at Water Music Studio in Hoboken, NJ.

The guys are all excellent musicians, wielding their respective instruments like weapons and killing it on every song they play. The instrumentals on this track are no exception, with lots of shredded guitar riffs, heavy buzzing bass and Steffen’s thunderous drums pounding out the hard-driving beat. Fussa has an amazing voice with a considerable range that’s on full display on this track. He passionately sings – at times screaming – the lyrics “The sun is fading now, I watch it paint the sea. I’ll chase you everywhere to burn in a hole in me. We need a tidal wave to push us back to sand. Sometimes we get carried out and dealt the same old hand. I pull a million suns to light this cold dark place. A fire can burn us out but we can’t run away.  See that silent sun. Yeah!

Morning Fuzz has an upcoming show in New York City on May 19th at the Delancey.

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