Song Review: RESTLESS NATIVES – “Endless Possibilities”

I recently discovered the UK duo Restless Natives, and instantly loved their beautiful new song “Endless Possibilities.” Referring to themselves as ‘Renegade Audio Guerillas – a shadowy musical splinter cell created to enhance your mind with musical and visual splendour,’ Restless Natives are Dave Hubbard and Sam Simmons. Hailing from Lincolnshire, they play a distinctive style of music that melds electronica with alternative folk rock. In addition to their joint efforts in forming Restless Natives, they’re both accomplished solo musicians who also collaborate on different projects with other musicians. Dave is one half of funky electronic house music producers Peach Trees, while Sam plays in his alt-rock/shoegaze band The Loving Memory and is also a member of folk/punk band The Finest Hour. These are two busy guys!


With their latest song “Endless Possibilities,” the guys paint a dreamy ambient soundscape with lush, intricate synths, accentuated by a mesmerizing guitar riff. A strong drumbeat introduces us to the song, then a steady bass line takes over, providing depth and weight but never overpowering. A highlight is the delicate, beguiling flute that seemingly floats throughout the track, lending a bit of an ethereal vibe. The guys’ enchanting harmonizing vocals complete the package, making for a lovely, intensely satisfying song. Have a listen:

Support Restless Natives by following them on  Twitter and  Facebook, and subscribe to their  YouTube channel.  Their music is currently only available for streaming on Soundcloud and YouTube, but they plan to distribute their music more widely in the near future. Be sure to check out their other music projects too.

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