Featured Video: Romeo Crow – “For the Weekend”

A few months ago, I featured the multi-talented – and wonderfully charming – British singer/songwriter/filmmaker Romeo Crow on this blog (see the article here). Now, Romeo’s back with a great new song and video “For the Weekend.” The song’s about being frustrated and bored with a dull, mindless job that’s always making you look forward to the weekends – in other words, living for the weekend.  Romeo sings: “The only voice that matters here is the one that you can hear inside your head. If you wait for the weekend to get back all your living, you’ll find that it’s gone in a flash. Don’t wait for a lifetime to get back what you’re missing, you’ve got to pull your lifeline back.

The delightful video, which Romeo wrote, produced, filmed and stars in, begins with him sitting at his desk at work when he receives a phone call from someone requesting a file. He goes to a dingy basement storeroom to get it, whereupon he discovers various musical instruments.  Hesitating at first, he decides to take the plunge and act out his fantasies – his various rock star alter-egos play drums, guitar and sing –  until reality returns and he turns off the light and closes the storeroom door.

Musically, “For the Weekend” is an exuberant song featuring Romeo’s infectious, off-kilter vocals and phenomenal guitar-playing skills.  I’d love to hear him play “All Along the Watchtower” some time – hint, hint, Romeo!

Support Romeo by helping to promote this video by clicking here.  Follow him on Twitter and Facebook, as well as his website.

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