Artist Spotlight – Romeo Crow

I love Twitter, if for no other reason than the fact I’ve had the pleasure of discovering so many talented independent singer/songwriters and bands who are making some really good, unique music. One such artist is Romeo Crow, a Renaissance man who hails from London. He not only writes and sings songs, plays some pretty awesome guitar, writes both fiction and a blog and makes films, he’s also an entrepreneur/teacher working to help other musicians. And if all that weren’t enough, he’s an amazing photographer too!

With his striking looks, ready smile and warm, generous personality, Romeo has a growing legion of devoted fans. His music style is pretty eclectic, melding rock, pop, blues and funk into an enjoyable stew of sounds. He writes all his own music and lyrics and performs, mixes and produces the music in his home studio.

One of my favorites of his songs is “Living Like You Do,” from the EP Sketches Vol. 1. The scratchy guitar riff gives the track a bit of an old-school rock vibe.  On his website, Romeo explains the meaning of the song’s lyrics: “It is about someone with an addiction problem not facing up to their situation, not yet making the changes they need to make until they eventually realize that they MUST make changes…because their life is now, literally, at stake.”

Another favorite is the playful “Hots For You.” Romeo’s vocals are accompanied only by guitar, yet musically, the track seems fuller, and the video’s a pure delight to watch. If you’re not smitten by his self-deprecating charm and humor, then I don’t know what. Take a look:

A more recent track “Shoes” has funky guitar riffs and more drum than many of his older songs, and will appear on his upcoming EP Grip the Sky. The fast-paced video for the song is a film montage of Romeo traveling from his home in London to Ischia in Italy.

On a lark, Romeo wrote the song “Around the Bend” as a fantasy soundtrack for the trailer of the film Desperado, starring Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. It works pretty well, I think.

To learn more about Romeo, check out his Website, where you can follow his blog and download his music, some of it for free. Also, watch his videos and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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