Song Review: MUTEMATH – “Changes”

On the heels of touring for their superb 2015 album Vitals, and as second opening act for twenty one pilots’ epic Emotional Roadshow World Tour (see my  concert review), New Orleans band MUTEMATH has dropped a positively stunning new single “Changes.” It’s the opening track on their new album of the same name – set for release on September 23.

Upon first hearing the opening vibrating synth chords, it’s clear that “Changes” is a thing of sonic greatness. Our ears are dazed by a gorgeous waterfall of alternating lush and distorted synths, tinkling keyboard and multi-layered percussion.  Lead singer Paul Meany’s heartfelt vocals are sublime, perfectly conveying the slightly melancholy vibe of the track. The ending piano movement is breathtaking in it’s simplicity.

“Changes” is both a metaphor for the album itself, which is a re-imagining of Vitals, featuring reworks and remixes by band members and other producers, and an ode to feeling misunderstood amid life’s ever-changing landscape.  The lyrics are poetic: “I’m just suffering from changes, locked outside for good. Paper cut by turning pages, sitting under dust ’cause I’m not understood.

It’s interesting that MUTEMATH alludes to cemetery imagery in the song, given New Orleans’ iconic burial grounds: “Monuments blush, while rising in the ashes and dust horizon. I can hear pallid choirs sing, from their headstone hymnals now.”

Take a listen to this masterpiece:

MUTEMATH formed in 2002 and, as with many bands, has undergone personnel changes since then. The band now consists of band frontman Paul Meany (lead vocals, keyboards), Darren King (drums), Roy Mitchell-Cardenes (bass) and Todd Gummerman (lead guitar).


If you aren’t already, follow MUTEMATH on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to their YouTube channel. “Changes” – both the single and new album – are available for purchase on itunes and all other online music purchase sites.

3 thoughts on “Song Review: MUTEMATH – “Changes”

  1. Tori Barrett

    Is there any sheet music or tabs available for this song? I can’t find it anywhere. I really want to learn it on piano. If you have any info for me let me know. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Tori. Thanks for checking out my post and commenting. Sorry, I don’t know whether any sheet music or tabs are available for ‘Changes.’ You might want to check out MUTEMATH’s Facebook page and see if you can either message or email them.


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