EP Review: COUNCIL – “Rust to Gold”

The charismatic new band COUNCIL plays a dynamic style of alternative pop/rock that’s radio-friendly, yet still edgy. Hailing from rural upstate New York, the band consists of three handsome brothers – Patrick, Doug and Andy Reeves.  Patrick (bass and lead vocals) and Doug (drums) are twins, and Andy (guitar) is a year younger. The guys are farmers by day, but spend their evenings working on their passion for making music. They’ve recently gained both local and national attention for their high-energy performances, including numerous successful shows in New York City, and opening for bands like The All American Rejects and The Kooks. The guys hope to someday be the headliner band.

COUNCIL band.jpg

They’ve just finished their debut EP, Rust To Gold, under the guidance and assistance of Grammy nominated producer Justin Gray (who’s worked with Mariah Carey & John Legend), 10-time Grammy nominated mixer Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers) and mastering legend Howie Weinberg (U2, Nirvana).  The result is a well-crafted EP with a polished sound, and Needham’s influence is strongly evident, as COUNCIL’s songs have a noticeable Imagine Dragons vibe.

Rust to Gold features three anthemic songs, characterized by strong percussion, sweeping orchestration and soaring harmonic choruses. While they all have catchy melodies, their lyrics are quite compelling – sometimes intensely so. The title track “Rust to Gold” is a gorgeous rock song about finding your own truth in the world and holding on to what’s important.

There is something you should know, I’d die before I’d let you go. I work my fingers to the bone to follow the light of this. All the things that we’ve been told, we will never let them go. All the dreams from rust to gold, we will never let them beat us.

The powerful “All For You” is an emotional expression of regret and sorrow over the pain caused to a loved one, while pledging undying love and devotion. The lyrics are poetic and deep:

I was doomed from the start, and I held my regrets.  I was covered in dark and I wore it like death.  Still I got a heart that pounds in this chest.  And my closet is full for days. But when your strength is gone, and the lights go grey, I’ll sing your favorite song. I’ll be your hit parade. With every breath I’ve blown I’ve failed a million ways. And everything I own I tore to pieces.

The track calls to mind Imagine Dragon’s massive hit “Demons.” Here’s a short video of a live performance.

Rise Above It All” is a beautiful, extremely moving declaration of strength and determination to overcome life’s hardships and challenges.

For every time I’ve fallen down. For every wall that keeps us bound. For everyone we’ve beaten to the ground, and watched them fade away. For every wrong I couldn’t right. For every sleepless night I hoped and dreamed. For every one, everywhere, every cross I couldn’t bear to watch you leave. But I will not break when all hope is lost. I will be brave and rise above it all.

All in all, a great debut EP for three talented guys with a bright future in music.

Support COUNCIL by following them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, stream their music on Soundcloud or Reverbnation. Rust to Gold may be purchased on iTunes.

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      1. Yes, I often need to listen to songs several times to fully get the nuance. And don’t worry – there are undoubtedly some computer geeks out there working on a program to do just what you described.


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