Artist Spotlight – Tall Poppies

Tall Poppies are a delightfully eccentric indie-pop band fronted by identical twin sisters Susan and Catherine Hay, who originally hail from Perth, Australia. As the sisters note on their website, Perth is the most isolated (big) city in the world, and they dreamed of moving to London to have a music career. They followed that dream by emigrating to London in 2006, and named their band Tall Poppies. In their matching knee socks and bob hairstyles, both sisters provide melodic, harmonizing vocals for all their songs, with Susan playing bass, and Catherine on lead guitar. They later added violinist Diarmuid Nugent and drummer Doug Fink (formerly of Noah and the Whale) to complete their distinctive Tall Poppies sound.

The band is fiercely independent, handling all aspects of recording and production of their own material, as well as the quirky video clips that accompany the songs. Their latest EP High Time, a collection of old and new songs, was released in Autumn 2015 and they’ve been touring throughout the UK to promote their music. They plan on recording new material for an entire album to be released later in 2016.

“Heart Palpitations,” from High Time, is a cheerfully upbeat piece of pop confection. The twins’ intertwining harmonic vocals are perfectly complemented by deft guitar and soothing violin. The song’s fun, whimsical video of the two cavorting around the countryside was filmed over one weekend. Catherine, who’s currently studying at the London College of Fashion, designed the clever palpitating heart costume out of extra red fabric she had lying around.

Their latest single, “Cat Got Your Tongue?” is a deliriously catchy indie pop tune with a retro vibe. Its masterful guitar riffs, plucky violin and hammering drums that will have you dancing even if you’re a certified wallflower! The stylish, colorful video is so entertaining that I found myself hitting repeat so I could watch it over and over again.

An older song, “In Your Dreams,” is a lovely, gentle ballad that really showcases Susan and Catherine’s beautiful harmonizing vocals.

You can follow Tall Poppies on Twitter and Facebook. Their music is available for listening on Soundcloud and Spotify, and for purchase on itunes or their website.

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