Top 30 Songs for May 14-20, 2023

Photo by Alysse Gafkjen

I’ve loved making song lists since my teens, but one thing I don’t like about doing them is having to drop songs down and then ultimately off. And just because I move songs down and then off my lists doesn’t mean I no longer like them or am even tired of them, but they must eventually make way for newer songs to have their own time in the sun, so to speak. That said, it makes me a little sad to knock “New Gold”, by Gorillaz, Tame Impala and Bootie Brown, from the top spot it’s held the last three weeks, but it must step aside because The Revivalists‘ “Kid” is my new current favorite song. For those unfamiliar with The Revivalists, they’re an 8-piece alternative roots rock band who formed in New Orleans in 2007. They finally burst onto the music scene in 2015 when, on the strength of their third album Men Amongst Mountains, Rolling Stone magazine named them one of “10 Bands You Need to Know”. One of the singles from that album, “Wish I Knew You”, was a sleeper hit, finally reaching #1 on the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart in September 2016, then topping the Alternative Airplay chart in May 2017.

The exuberant feel-good anthem “Kid” is the lead single from their forthcoming fifth studio album Pour It Out Into The Night, due for release on June 2nd, and is currently #1 on the Adult Alternative Songs chart. Band lead vocalist David Shaw said the song “is about capturing the essence of life. We all go through ups and downs. Sometimes, we don’t believe in ourselves. We’ve got skeletons in the closet trying to drag us down. But you’ve got to believe in yourself. You’ve just got to live for the spirit. Nothing good ever comes easy. If you don’t have hope, what do you have?” Besides making great songs, The Revivalists use their music as a force of positivity, and are actively involved in several philanthropic causes, including establishing an umbrella fund Rev Causes in 2019, for the purpose of supporting various organizations dedicated to reviving and investing in their communities, public health, and the environment.

The lone debut this week is “Empty Nest” by L.A.-based alt-rock band Silversun Pickups, who’ve been making music since 2000.

  1. KID – The Revivalists (3)
  2. NEW GOLD – Gorillaz, Tame Impala & Bootie Brown (1)
  3. EAT YOUR YOUNG – Hozier (5)
  4. GHOSTS AGAIN – Depeche Mode (2)
  5. FLOWERS – Miley Cyrus (4)
  6. BLUEBELL WOOD – Frank Joshua (6)
  7. THE WALK HOME – Young the Giant (9)
  8. PAID OFF – Oli Barton & the Movement (10)
  9. NOT STRONG ENOUGH – boygenius (11)
  10. TROPIC MORNING NEWS – The National (7)
  11. WOLF – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (12)
  12. THE PERFECT PAIR – beabadoobee (14)
  13. DUMMY – Portugal. The Man (18)
  14. GO DOWN RIVER – The Heavy Heavy (17)
  15. ESSENCE – Refeci featuring Shimmer Johnson (19)
  16. SOFTEN – Alex Southey (8)
  17. PEPPER – Death Cab for Cutie (15)
  18. LOVE FROM THE OTHER SIDE – Fall Out Boy (16)
  19. ANGELICA – Wet Leg (21)
  20. 1982 – Morgendust (22)
  21. RESCUE ME – Dirty Heads (23)
  22. LEAVING – Au Gres (24)
  23. TRANSMITTER – Sea Power (13)
  24. THE WAY – Manchester Orchestra (25)
  25. IN MY HEAD – Mike Shinoda & Kailee Morgue (26)
  26. THOSE EYES – New West (27)
  27. WHY – Future Theory (28)
  28. RESCUED – Foo Fighters (29)
  29. HELLO – GROUPLOVE (30)
  30. EMPTY NEST – Silversun Pickups (N)

8 thoughts on “Top 30 Songs for May 14-20, 2023

  1. H.G.O

    Hey Jeff, hope you don’t mind this question: how do you decide that it is time for a certain song to go down a number of spots? Is it some objective measurement like number of times you played those songs or something subjective like gut feeling? Both options are completely valid, I’m just curious about your process.

    I really liked The Revivalist’s song, very catchy. And Silversun Pickups new song sounds good. I liked their old song: “Lazy Eye”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t mind you asking at all, Horacio, and in fact am flattered! It’s not very scientific, but simply due to the fact that eventually, all songs run their course and are replaced by newer ones I like that are climbing my chart. Songs that I really like or love that reach #1, or at least the top 5, generally spend anywhere from 6-12 weeks in the top 10 and 15-20 weeks (and occasionally longer) on my top 30. I think 20 weeks in the top 30 is long enough, though Beach Weather’s “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” spent 25 weeks, and has been in the top 10 on the Billboard Alternative Airplay chart for over 30 weeks and counting!

      Liked by 1 person

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