Painfully Slow and Meticulous: An Interview with Jeff Archuleta, a.k.a Eclectic Music Lover

Marc Schuster of Abominations blog was very kind to interview yours truly, and I told him the good, the bad and the ugly about my blogging experience.


If you’re at all like me – and I’m guessing you are if you’re reading this blog – you’re not just a fan of music. You’re also a fan of people who write about music. Given the nearly infinite number of choices available to even the most casual music fan these days, it’s always good to have a trusted guide to point the way not only to sounds we might be familiar with but also to artists who push us a little further out from our usual comfort zones. That’s why I’m a fan of Eclectic Music Lover, a music blog that Jeff Archuleta has made a labor of love since 2015. Knowing first-hand how much work has gone into some of my own writing endeavors, I decided to drop Jeff a line to see what goes on behind the scenes of his blog.

You’ve been blogging about music…

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30 thoughts on “Painfully Slow and Meticulous: An Interview with Jeff Archuleta, a.k.a Eclectic Music Lover

  1. Craig Mapstone

    That’s an awesome interview with you Jeff. Nice to see you being the focus of an article too for a change. Also great to hear more about how your process for writing your blog.

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  2. Amy

    Thanks for sharing. It was interesting hearing how you came to be a blogger and it grew into what it is today. I enjoy getting your reviews and often play them on my podcast -Amy’s algorythms. I like to check out and share with others artists who are fairly new. Thanks for the blog!!!!

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  3. Great interview, Jeff, and nice seeing the face of a fellow blogger!

    BTW, while I recall you previously noted you dislike writing, it doesn’t show – at least not to me. Your output is really impressive.

    I can see why doing reviews upon request can lead to many queries and as such become challenging. That’s part of the reason I generally don’t do them. Another is time constraints. A third one is my concern that if I’d accept doing reviews, I might get stuck writing about music I don’t like. And I really want to keep my blog positive!

    I hope you keep going. If it becomes too overwhelming I think there’s nothing wrong to scale back a little or take breaks, as you’ve done. Sure, it’s gratifying to see your blog is getting traffic and people follow you on social. But at the end of the day, I think you’re doing all of this because you love music. It should be about joy, not stress!

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    1. Thanks Christian. Yes, deciding to accept submissions from artists & PR people for reviews has been a double-edged sword. Most of the time, writing those reviews gives me great satisfaction, but once in a while, it can also be torture, especially when reviewing full albums I’m not crazy about.

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  4. Hell yeah! Go off on bro-country!

    And I totally get what you’re saying about guilt and being raised a certain way. I wasn’t raised Catholic, but close enough. And while the artists you write about might not appreciate your work, I certainly do. As I get older, I find it harder to keep up with new music, so your blog is my gateway.

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  5. Ralph Beauchamp

    Great interview and a worthy subject. I’m glad the world gets to see the face of the man that has offered so many indie artists some awesome exposure. I, like you, only write about artists hat I enjoy. I sometimes get criticized for that but like a good chef with a cookbook, who wants to put in a shitty recipe.

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  6. badfinger20 (Max)

    Great interview Jeff. The indie artists should be very happy that you do this…I wish we had someone like you writing when I was playing out…but there was no internet then.
    It’s been a pleasure coming here and you are my main link to new pop/rock.

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