Song of the Day Challenge – Day 4: “I Need A Light”

Song A Day Challenge

Today’s Song of the Day Challenge is “A song by a band you wish was still together.” It’s always sad – or at least bittersweet – when a favorite band of ours calls it quits. Rather than choose a song from one of the great bands of the past, such as the Beatles, Doors, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, etc. – as the idea of any of them getting back together is either impossible or preposterous – I thought I would pick a song from a smaller, more-recent band. A handful of bands I’ve featured on this blog over the past 4 1/2 years have later parted ways for one reason or another, and one that hit me hardest was the dissolution in 2018 of Kansas City rock band Run With It.

The band consisted of Miguel Caraballo on lead vocals and guitar, Ben Byard on bass and backing vocals, and Daniel Cole on drums, and they were an engaging trio and excellent musicians who played as a tight unit. They were one of the first bands to follow me on Twitter in late 2015, and also one of the earliest bands I featured on this blog, first in February 2016, then again in April 2017, when I reviewed their excellent EP How to Start a Fire. One of the songs on that EP was “I Need a Light“, a gorgeous, uplifting song of hope. Thankfully, they’ve kept the video for the song on YouTube.

Also thankfully, Miguel is continuing as a solo artist under the name Just the Miguel. What band do you wish was still together, or would you like to see reunite?

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