Bandcamp Sales Grow While Other Music Streaming Platforms and Industry Sales Continue to Decline

Music platform Bandcamp appears to be the best bet for indie artists, as the site experienced double-digit growth in 2017 in every aspect of their business – digital album and individual track sales, merchandise, and physical sales of vinyl, CDs and even cassettes – while most stand alone music streaming platforms and industry-wide record sales continued to decline.

They also note that “allowing the distribution of an entire art form to be controlled by so few has troubling implications. The streaming giants exert tremendous influence over what music gets heard, and must primarily serve their most important supplier, the major labels. The result is that independent labels, and especially independent artists, are far less likely to be discovered on those platforms.”

To read more of this informative article, click on this link:

The Bandcamp 2017 Year in Review

4 thoughts on “Bandcamp Sales Grow While Other Music Streaming Platforms and Industry Sales Continue to Decline

  1. Zapatero

    One thing I especially like about BandCamp is that it allows for a much more social form of shopping for music. It isn’t quite the same as chatting with the folks who work at the local record shop, but it’s nice to be able to leave short reviews of the tracks I buy so that other people can see what I like about various artists. I also wonder if one reason for the growth of BandCamp is that people who are in-the-know about indie bands really want to support those bands and know that BandCamp is where the artist will get the biggest revenue share when it comes to sales.

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