9 thoughts on “Is Vinyl Actually Better Then Digital?

    1. Not silly at all. Each format really does have its own advantages and disadvantages. CDs are probably most convenient of the three physical formats, but with many new vehicles no longer even having CD players, it appears that digital will be our only option, at least while traveling in a vehicle. As the article states, vinyl is really only feasible at home. I was never a fan of pre-recorded cassette tapes, though I did purchase a few back in the day.

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  1. Zapatero

    Cool… Thanks for sharing! I’ve thought about the pros and cons of vinyl and digital for a while. (Chief con of vinyl = I can never remember how to spell it!) Ultimately, I think my favorite thing about vinyl is actually going into a record shop and going through bins of LPs and chatting with people who are doing the same thing. It’s definitely more social than going to iTunes and clicking a link!

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