Featured Song and Video: Don DiLego – “Idiot Heart”

Listening to the music of singer/songwriter Don DiLego, one would never guess he is based in New York City. He plays an arresting style of Alt-Country music that combines his favorite aspects of the country music of old with 80’s indie-pop influences, giving him a sound that seems more rooted in Nashville or Oklahoma. Though he was born and raised in rural Western Massachusetts and spent his early adulthood in Boston, DiLego ended up settling in the Big Apple, where he established his Velvet Elk Studio in the East Village.


He released his first album The Lonestar Hitchhiker in 2001 and subsequently recorded three more albums at his Velvet Elk Studio, plus the soundtrack for the film Ranchero in 2012. His albums are self-produced, and recorded with musicians that have formed the core of his band The Touristas over the last couple records. He dropped his appropriately-named album Magnificent Ram A in July 2016, a collection of 10 excellent tracks that really showcase his songwriting and musical talents. In December, he released the beguiling single “Idiot Heart.”


The song is a gentle but melancholy ballad about falling for someone and wanting to do right by them, but knowing it won’t be easy given past transgressions. DiLego’s beautiful vocals convey a heartfelt sincerity, making the lyrics all the more compelling. Musically, the song features a somber piano riff and delicate percussion, backed by smooth synths and ambient guitars that give the song a somewhat haunting, ethereal vibe.

I’ve been waiting for some time
For the sidewalks to come alive
I’ve had good days and sleepless nights
Cause you and me got lost in time

I was praying for a sign
For the tides to begin to unwind
I was splayed out among the pines
When you and me got lost in time

I’ve been trying to change my life
I’ve been trying to do what’s right
But my idiot heart won’t oblige
But I’ll try, I’ll try, I’ll try

Oh wake me up
Lay me down

The gorgeous video for the song shows a young woman in a contemplative mood before joining her boyfriend for the day, having lunch together, then walking through the forest alone wearing his raincoat, and ending up lying face up in a snowy meadow.

Here’s a great video worth watching of DiLego and his musicians performing songs for Magnificent Ram A at Velvet Elk Studio.

Learn more about Don by checking out his website.  Follow him on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his YouTube channel.  Stream his music and follow him on Spotify, and purchase his music on iTunesBandcamp and other sites offering music for purchase.

4 thoughts on “Featured Song and Video: Don DiLego – “Idiot Heart”

  1. buffalotompeabody

    I’m always finding great music on your blog. I’m a real sucker for these minor-key masterpieces by artists like Don DiLego. I also appreciate all of the convenient links! Many thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. buffalotompeabody

        Your blog is definitely first-rate! You know what you’re talking about and I definitely enjoy your positive attitude and passion for music. None of the other music blogs that I read offer as wide a variety and well-rounded selection of new music introductions. I am, by NO means, a blogging expert! Far from it. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years and I’m still plugging away somewhere near the bottom. I do know that good tags on each post really builds traffic. I’ve also discovered that original humor blogs are A Hard Sell unless the Blogger is an established and known comic.
        Hang in there because you offer real substance to anyone interested in music. 👍👍

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man, you just made my day Tom! I’ve been feeling a bit insecure again about my blog, and your compliments really help me regain confidence. I love your blog, which is totally original, incredibly creative and hilarious, not to mention the fact that I agree with your viewpoints 100 percent.


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