EP Review: XOTIC YEYO – “Down 2 Funk”


I’m back in South Florida to shine my spotlight on Xotic Yeyo, a three-piece band that plays a fun and funky style of psychedelic rock. And let’s face it, you just gotta love a band with a name like “Xotic Yeyo.” Formed little more than a year ago (in October 2015), the band consists of Stu Sauce on guitar and lead vocals, Rod Reiter on bass and backing vocals, and Cody Orange on drums. Their upbeat eclectic sound is influenced by funk greats like Parliament, Curtis Mayfield, Average White Band, Prince, Gil Scott Heron, Phish, Primus and Jamiroquai, among others.

The guys dropped their debut EP Down 2 Funk in November, a collection of three infectious tunes guaranteed to funk you up! The artwork on the EP sleeve is a good indication that not only is the band’s sound pretty hot, they also have a playful attitude. The first track “Trip the Lights” is a six and a half minute long funky jam session. I love Stu’s wobbly distorted guitar solo that continues throughout the song, helped along by Rod’s funky bass and Cody’s light percussion that complements, but never overpowers, the track.

Xotic Yeyo lays it all out about who they are and what they do in the delightfully funky gem “Mothership.” The lyrics are so good I have to include a few stanzas:

First time I ever set foot on the Mothership, jamming hard at the bass was the rapid responder – Ring Cody Orange for a drummer. So funky – swear this brotha’s pandemic. Radioactive to the hips and I hope you all catch it. Cause we got that dancing beat that goes on and on and on. Abducted then we’re gone.”

They call me Stu Sauce. Had vision in my verses – some call the blessings a chorus, some call the verses curses. Why people of the planet want to stay or escape, humans feeling alien to their alien race.

So I sought some lifeforms off of the inner-coastal. Like the vice of Miami, we’re called Xotic Yeyo. Taking over your TV, taking over the radio, taking over your airwaves beyond the international. We funk it up intergalactic, and we want the world to know it. Our style is the freshest, and our fresh ain’t ever frozen. The minute that you’re in it and the moment that your dancin.”

The band’s funky style is in full swing on this track, with Stu’s deft guitar riffs in perfect rhythmic harmony with Rod’s funked-up bass. Stu’s quirky, rapid-fire vocals inject a playful hip-hop energy that makes this a hot, compelling tune. The song’s video shows the band performing the song and cavorting with a few friends, clearly enjoying what they’re doing and proving that these guys are all about having fun and wanting their listeners and fans to have fun too.

“Disco Zombies” is a hook-laden funk fest, with great guitar riffs and jazzy grooves set to a catchy dance beat. There’s no way even the biggest wallflower could hear this song and not want to dance!

To learn more about Xotic Yeyo, check out their website. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to their YouTube channel. Stream their music on Spotify and Soundcloud, and purchase it on their website,  iTunes or other music platforms.

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