Featured Single: MAHOGANY DANNIE – “Leap”

I had the good fortune of discovering a promising new singer/songwriter today when she followed me on Twitter. She goes by the artistic name Mahogany Dannie, and what an amazing, powerful voice she has!  Hailing from soulful Memphis, Tennessee, Dannie has always been an achiever, spending much of her life in creative pursuits ranging from writing short stories and poetry, being active in sports and studying Criminal Justice. More recently, she learned to play the guitar and writing songs, thus finding her true passion for making music.


Dannie released her debut single “Leap” in late July, and it’s a real powerhouse of a track, both musically and vocally. Her clear, commanding vocals soar in this anthemic song about overcoming one’s fears and doubts through the encouragement and support of a loved one and working toward what’s important and meaningful in life. “You said you would be there for me / I thought you left, leaving me behind / But you were there, pushing me to reach out be free / take that leap of faith.”  The song’s arrangement is superb, with assertive piano backed by strong synths, percussion and bass. Take a listen:

To learn more about Mahogany Dannie, check out her website, and follow her on Twitter  and  Facebook.  Stream “Leap” on Spotify and Reverbnation, and purchase on iTunes or other sites offering music for sale or download.

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