EP Review: Peter Noreika – “Throw the Switch to Begin”

Peter Noreika is an accomplished singer-songwriter from New York state who started out as a guitarist for several heavy metal/thrash bands, but eventually put his music career on a back burner in order to make a living and start a family. One day his then 4-year-old son told Peter he wished his dad was a songwriter so he could stay home and play with him, instead of going off to work in an office. It was that life-altering incident that shook him back into doing what he loved – writing songs and playing music.  Remembering that being in a band was challenging and wrought with obstacles, he made the decision to go it alone.  With his background in heavy metal, but sensibilities now leaning more toward acoustic rock and folk, Peter spent his spare time writing lyrics and music, and practicing hours on end. Finally, in 2015, he recorded his highly acclaimed debut EP METACOUSTiFOLK.

Peter Noreika

Now Peter has released his follow-up sophomore effort, a great four-track EP titled Throw the Switch to Begin,  which dropped on August 19.  Our ears are once again treated to Peter’s nimble acoustic guitar and emotionally raw vocals, accompanied by Joe Garetti on drums.

The first track “Ride” declares the powerful need to escape a troubled existence by setting out on the open road:

“I can’t stand the way I feel. Trapped inside this cage again. I don’t wanna see the day begin. Driving much too slow, I’m moving with the flow. I’m not going to stay here trapped inside. I got to get on out and ride.”

The song starts out with a slow, driving drumbeat and a rather mournful guitar riff, then, halfway through, the tempo speeds up, beautifully conveying the feeling of sudden freedom. It’s my favorite track off the EP.

“You’re the One” addresses the enduring strength of real love:  “Another day in paradise. It all looks better when you are near. We watch the years go by us. My mind hides the mirror’s lines. The only one who knows me. The only one I wanna know.”

The third track “Win or Lose” is a catchy, fast-paced song with some pretty cool guitar riffs.

“Said it before and I say it again. It’s never to late to get up and begin. Talk the talk and walk the mile. I don’t care about what’s in style.  It’s up to you, to win or lose. Now you can choose to win or lose.”

Peter shows a more whimsical side with “Rocketship,” a fun romp of a tune told from a child’s perspective. The clever, entertaining video for the song shows Peter’s son in his “rocketship” made of a decorated cardboard box and brightly-colored mailing tubes, and wearing a helmet as he gazes up to the skies.  “Hop right in, throw the switch to begin, in my rocketship.”

Peter’s music is available for purchase on Bandcampitunes and Amazon, or streaming on Spotify. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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