Artist Spotlight – Rebel Sound Radio

New Zealand band Rebel Sound Radio recently followed me on Twitter, and it was my lucky day, as I loved their single “Liberation” at first listen. They play some pretty formidable hard-driving rock that kicks ass! Formed in 2015, the band hails from Hamilton, “a sleepy riverside city that has given birth to some of New Zealand’s biggest artists,” according to the band’s bio on their Facebook page. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Jesse James Hanright and bassist Craig Turner had each been in previous bands that went bust, and joined forces to create a new band with a fresh rock and roll sound called Rebel Sound Radio. They added drummer Ashley Goodare to complete their three-man lineup.

“Liberation” starts with a pummeling bass riff, then shredded guitar and hammering drums break the song open and keep the energy high, with the pummeling bass moving it all forward. Hanright sings with abandon and coaxes some merciless riffs from his guitar. Take a listen to this thunderous gem:

“End of Everything” provides further evidence of the band’s hyperkinetic hard rock sound and awesome guitar prowess.

New Rebel Radio will be heading to the studio in the coming weeks to record new music and, as a new fan, I can’t wait to hear more from them. Show some support for these guys and follow on Twitter and Facebook, and look for their music on Soundcloud.

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