Artist Spotlight – The Ninetyten

It was my lucky day when the alternative indie rock band The Ninetyten followed me on Twitter, because I had the pleasure of discovering their phenomenal music. It makes me happy when I hear music from a newly-discovered artist and love it at first listen. Their formidable guitar-driven sound is authentic and raw, yet richly melodic with arrangements that can only be described as perfection.

The four-member band hails from Britain’s West Midlands, and consists of James Graham (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Robert Skett (lead guitar), Bob Timmins (bass) and Darren Hanson (drums).  This band has only released a few songs, but all of them are superb.

The band’s awesome guitar prowess is on full display in the song “Home.” The song starts out with a simple riff and James Graham’s tentative vocals, then gradually erupts with furious, swirling guitar and pulse-pounding drums. Graham’s vocals take on a passionate urgency that match the music’s power, leaving your hair standing on end. The lyrics are compelling too: “A million miles from home, million miles from everything/Got what I wanted…Only love can save me now.” Take a listen:

“Dust” offers more mind-blowing guitar and assertive percussion that only cemented my feeling that The Ninetyten are highly-accomplished musicians deserving of star status. This is some of the best guitar playing I’ve heard in a while.

In “Missing Person” the band unleashes its sonic weaponry with a barrage of heavy bass and unrelenting drums. Graham’s vocals once again soar to meet the merciless guitar riffs.

Support this amazing band by following them on Twitter and Facebook. Listen to their music on Soundcloud and TONEDEN, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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