SunGhosts – “Indecision Incision”

You know those times when you first hear a song and are hit by a blast of adrenalin that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up? Well, that’s what I felt after clicking on a link to a Tweet by the Miami-based indie rock band SunGhosts, which led me to a video of them performing their song “Indecision Incision.” Immediately, I was blown away by their electrifying energy and lead singer Nik Balsiero’s fierce vocals. These guys rip their guitars to shreds, clearly having fun in the process.

The charismatic four-man band includes Nik Balsiero (lead guitar,vocals), Jared Steingold (bass), Arminio Rivero (guitar, backing vocals) and Luis Estopinan (drums, backing vocals). As the band states on their website, they play “the best surf rock sock hop punk rock your ears can taste! Serving up hot and fresh vibes of aggressive positivity. Listening to SunGhosts you have no choice but to be happy!” All true, and I couldn’t have stated it any better myself.

Take a listen to “Indecision Incision” and I promise you’ll be hitting the repeat button. Be sure to turn up the volume!

SunGhosts have a huge following in South Florida, but are gaining fans worldwide through their infectious and eclectic surf/punk/rock sound, not to mention artistic generosity. They recently made a highly entertaining video of their song “Til the City Goes Under” to help promote the Miami music scene and other area artists.

Support these guys and follow them on Twitter and facebook, and listen to their music on Spotify & YouTube, or purchase on iTunes.

6 thoughts on “SunGhosts – “Indecision Incision”


    Two totally different songs and hard to believe they are the same bank I love the rapid, non stop w lyrics on ” Indecision Incision” But also the softer side of ” Till the City goes Under”. Great band.

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