The Uneasy Truth: Financials of Local Bands

This is an excellent, insightful article by Nicholas Schneider, a writer and drummer for several San Francisco Bay Area bands, about the challenges of making a living in today’s music industry. Producing quality music people want to listen to is challenging enough, but actually earning enough money from one’s music in today’s complex and highly competitive music industry is incredibly difficult, to say the least.  The explosion of music streaming services in recent years, which make it easy to listen to literally millions of songs for free or, at most, a minuscule amount of money, have obviously resulted in reduced music sales, and thereby profits, for all but the most successful, big-name musicians.

To read the article, click on this link:

One thought on “The Uneasy Truth: Financials of Local Bands

  1. chuckjung


    I was expecting to feel bad for today’s young music artists but after readying the article feel quite differently. Robert Gilles complains about ” Diversification ” which includes private parties” and Chris Reed ” Expected to be small business owners ” seem to me to be short sighted. Who in today’s economy get what they want without a degree of sacrifice? Give me a break! If you are doing what you love and have to make a few concessions , quit complaining and do what you need to do to make it .happen. You are a) self employed and are working for yourself. b) earning a living and again still have no corporate bosses. What else do you want?

    I don’t know of anyone who has a job that is perfect my self and you Included. Let me know if I am missing something but I think these artists need to get real with their expectations.

    There are very few Adele’s out there and even fewer Cold Plays and 21 Pilots out there

    Just my opinions and thoughts though.,

    Am I still welcome next week? I hope so!




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