Artist Spotlight – She Pulled The Trigger

An exciting and charismatic alternative hard rock band I discovered when they followed me on Twitter is She Pulled The Trigger, a relatively new four-man group from Lancaster, PA.  Band members include brothers Chris Zell (lead vocals/guitar) and Nick Zell (drums), Patrick Kearney (lead guitar/backing vocals) and Ricky Leblanc (bass guitar/backing vocals).   Their melodic, hard-driving rock sound has influences of Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace, and lead singer Chris Zell’s aggressive vocals occasionally reach the ferocity of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor.  In an interview for the website New Transcendence, Chris explained that the band’s songs, like those of many other rock bands, touch on “pain and dark times,” but they want “to also give our fans a light to follow. We want to inspire positive change.”

Accordingly, She Pulled The Trigger has a rapidly growing base of loyal fans, and I’m one of them.  They hope to release a full album in 2016.  Here are videos of their first two excellent singles, both of which feature intricate guitar riffs, speaker-blowing drums and powerful, harmonic vocals.

Follow She Pulled The Trigger on Twitter and Facebook, subscribe to their YouTube channel  and purchase their music on Bandcamp.

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