KONGOS – “Hey I Don’t Know”

I absolutely love this song by KONGOS, a South African rock band consisting of four brothers – Dylan (vocals, bass, guitar), Johnny (accordion, keyboards, vocals), Jesse (drums, percussion, vocals) and Daniel Kongos (guitar, vocals) – that’s been around for several years, but finally gained recognition in the U.S. in 2014. “Hey I Don’t Know” is one of the best songs from their album Lunatic, which also featured their hit “Come With Me Now”, and a great video of a live performance, with interesting perspectives displayed in split screens.

3 thoughts on “KONGOS – “Hey I Don’t Know”

    1. I discovered it last year on YouTube after hearing their hit “Come With Me Now.” I discover a lot of songs that way. We have terribly limited radio here in the Coachella Valley, so I have to hunt for the good stuff.


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