Song Review: SHELITA BURKE – “Penetrate”

Last October, I reviewed singer/songwriter Shelita Burke’s steamy EDM-infused single “Belong” (which you can read here). Now she’s back with a brand new single “Penetrate,” and it’s a beautiful, sexy track. The song title is a metaphor for connecting with a lover on an emotional level, though its highly suggestive meaning is certainly up to the listener’s imagination. Opening with delicate, plucky synths and finger snaps, the song slowly builds with rich layered synth chords and gentle percussion, set to a languid electro-house beat.

In her sultry voice, Shelita practically moans as she demands her lover to fully submit to her carnal passions while also respecting her: “I slow grind, Imma be on top. Penetrate my thoughts. If you want to stay with me, you better treat me right now, baby. You want this love for free, you better hold me tight now, baby.” It all makes for quite an intoxicating and sensuous song.

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