100 Best Songs of the 2010s – #80: “Can I Sit Next to You” by Spoon

The song at #80 on my list of 100 Best Songs of the 2010s is “Can I Sit Next to You” by Austin, Texas based alternative/art rock band Spoon. I’m embarrassed – no, make that mortified – to admit that I was not familiar with Spoon until 2017, despite the fact they’ve been around since the mid 1990s! When I heard their brilliant ninth album Hot Thoughts, I became an instant fan and started bingeing on their impressive music catalog while kicking myself for all their great music I missed out on hearing all those years. I love their unique, innovative sound, as well as band front man Britt Daniel’s distinctive gritty vocal style that gives their songs an edgy authenticity.

My favorite track from Hot Thoughts is the deliciously sexy “Can I Sit Next to You”. The song has an almost sinister vibe, with a deep, bass-driven beat, accentuated by strong hand claps and grimy heavily-strummed guitars contrasting with twinkling and swirling psychedelic synths that impart an otherworldly feel. I love the dramatic spiraling synths in the chorus, as well as Daniel’s raspy vocals as he seductively snarls his way through each verse. It’s fucking awesome, and the surreal and trippy video directed by Marcel Dzama is both creepy and funny.