9fm – Single Review: “Familiar Form”

9fm - Jarrod Pedone

Yet another artist I’ve previously featured on this blog who’s releasing new music in 2019 is 9fm (short for Ninth Floor Mannequin). 9fm is the solo music project of New Jersey-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jarrod Pedone, whose marvelous EP Little Housereviewed in September 2018. Today he returns with a new single “Familiar Form“, delivering another wonderful and compelling track featuring his signature atmospheric soundscapes and sublime vocals.

Jarrod is a big fan of the classic TV series The Twilight Zone (as am I), and some of his songs are inspired by various episodes. “Familiar Form” is based on Season 1, Episode 34 “The After Hours”, about a woman who has an unusual experience in a department store. In a nutshell, all the people in it, including her, are at various times both human and mannequin, with much of the drama taking place on the 9th floor.

The song’s enigmatic subject matter is nicely brought to musical life by Jarrod’s use of spooky, pulsating synths and a decidedly moody tempo. His smooth, soothing vocals are similar in style to Sufjan Stevens – pleasing, yet rather melancholy as he sings the lyrics that speak to the façades that many people put forth, masking who they really are:

We simply walk 
breathe & talk 
with a different tone 
We take a form 
Far from home 
to hide who we really are 

We’re on & off 
True & false 
but who really knows 
which one is fake? 
Either way 
It all ends the same

We return & revert back seamlessly 
to what we were 
When alone, we all know just who we are 
& who came first 
Settle back into familiar form 
Only sure of where I don’t belong 

We obey 
Time & place 
For which star goes on 
Who we are 
Simply gone 
Once out the door 

Up or down 
In or out 
it all seems so right 
I’ll stay inside 
of my mind 
Keep a double life

Connect with 9fm:  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Stream his music:  SpotifySoundcloud / iTunes
Purchase on Bandcamp / iTunes

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