Why I miss my MTV

Sharing this great post from the Rock’n’Roll Shaman about how MTV lost its way.

The Church of Rock 'N' Roll.org

It was a month before my 7th birthday and when Radio Killed the Video star came on, MTV was alive. For the next decade if you wanted to make it, you had get video play on MTV. To some this new channel and way of exposing the masses to the music also provided the opportunity to shoot a movie. A lot of the most memorable videos from MTV’s history were the ones that were the most cinematic. It was in 1983 that Michael Jackson’s video for Thriller set the bar high for anyone who wanted to dominate the video air waves.

For over a decade it was pretty much a forgone conclusion that if you turned on MTV you saw music videos then something happened that changed all TV not only MTV forever. The Real world was the first reality TV show and it aired on MTV.

In the 90’s I…

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